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Chances of natural labour? Lock Rss

Hi, i am 37 weeks tomorrow and have a appointment with my doctor. I was going to ask for a sweep. This is my 3rd baby giving birth to my last 4th of feb last year, both my previous pregnancies ending in inductions at 40+12. I would love to have a natural birth this time, what are my chances?
Thanks, I had seen my doctor today and she informed me that it was to early for a sweep. She is willing to try at 38 wks, she also said that I don't have much of a chance if any at going into labour alone. I feel a little better at least I know where I am at, I am still hoping it will happen but at least i can rest my mind a little and just wait it out instead of obsessing over it : ) I have been taking raspberry leaf tea and primrose oil since 32wks.
well first question is why were you induced the first 2 time and the second question is why are you requesting a sweep now?

Personally I wouldn't even think about doing anything at all until 42 weeks unless there is a valid medical reason (a date is not enough of a good reason for me) and even then I would opt for monitoring. My first dd was born at 40 +1, my second was 41, 42 or 43 weeks depending on the date you go by and my third was 42 +3 days.
Your body WILL go into labour. You just have to give it time to do so. wink

I will just add, my last 2 labours were only an hour long in total. If I had been induced before hand there is no way my body would have been ready and the labours would have been longer.
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