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transverse lie at 36+5 and confused Lock Rss

Hey all I just found out baby is transverse lie but the hospital didnt give me much info and didnt seem very conserned but I want to know more about the risks if bub doesnt turn? and what intervention takes place? Has anyone else had this complication?
If the baby stays in a transverse lie when you go into labour you will have to have an emergency C-section it's not like when bub is breech its very dangerous that they cord could possibly come out first and that's as you can imagine very very dangerous.

Try not to be too concerned I know people say that babies can't turn at that far along but rest assure my bub did right up to when she was delivered at 38 weeks and it wasn't massive movements and I didn't even realise she was doing somersaults I could see my ob and she was transverse and I would walk to the ultrasound place that was about 500m away and they would ultrasound and she was breech and meanwhile I didn't notice a thing.

Sorry for babbling just try not to be too worried but if your waters break or it feels like your having contractions I would ring the hospital immediately and they will probably ask you to come straight up. I was told to have my bag packed and ready to go just in case.

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Thats hard for me because I have been getting painful braxton hicks since 18 weeks. This is the first pregnancy I have had that I havnt gone into preterm labour. Will they wait till I go into labour and do an emergency cs or will an elective cs be organised if baby doesnt move into the right position soon?
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