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Hi there

I only found the site a few weeks ago - great isn't it!!

I'm expecting my first bub on April 16th. So glad that the half way mark is coming up. How have you found it all so far?

Hollie, NSW, due April 05

hi girls
I am also having my first child and is due on 18th april 2005.I had my first ultrasound 2 weeks ago and found out the sex of mine and my fiances baby it is a girl at first i was told i wasnt able to find out this ultrasound but in the last minute she opened her legs.She is head down and putting all her weight on my bladder and lower back sad so painful.I think she is going to be very athletic as she is kicking every day.Yesterday i was able to hear the babies heart beat it was so beautiful i nearly cried i am so excited and cant wait to meet my beautiful girl do yous know the sex of yours if not do you want to know?How are yous coping with the pregnancy any morning sickness?

Jaclyn,WA,Serena 13.04.05,Sasha 16.07.06.Shyla 20.

Hi Ladies,

Just in case you wanted....there is a due in April post in here with heaps of us mum's due in April! So if you wanted to chat just come on in and post!!

Take care

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr


i too am due in april this year with my first bub. I am now due the 4th of april.

I only registered withe parents exchange bit yesterday but have been registered with the huggies website for a few weeks now. Since i joined this part of the website i have become addicted.

Look forward to chatting to some of you

Kim, Townsville, mum of 2 girls

Hi everyone, first baby is due on April 18. We have been told we are having a boy from our 18wk u/s but am due to have another u/s at 34wks and i will ask the sex again just to be sure before i go buying boy things. My in laws were told at u/s they were having a boy but ended up with a girl!!
i'm sure this baby is sitting on my bladder - ouch!! but otherwise having a great pregnancy.
Hi, i've just found out about this site, i'm due with my first (or should i say second - i miscarried Feb 04 at 8 weeks) on the 1 April 2005 !
Wow i can't wait to see my baby, it was a shock to me to find i was pregnant, as i just moved to northern nsw for work, then didn't get it, i felt like crap so made an app. at a local doc's who told me i was pregnant - 18 weeks gone!

alethea, nsw,

Hi everyone,

Im aldso due in April on the 14th with my 1st. It's all very exciting but also kinda scary. Anyone else feeling like this ? I'm from Melbourne, is anyone else from here ???

Im 32 weeks pregnant with my first
I'm due on the 19th of april and finding im getting head aches all the time!
Has anyone else found this?
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