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Hi everyone,
Well I am off to have my 12 week (i'll be 13 weeks tomorrow) scan in about 2 hours!! Feeling a little bit nervous/anxious and excited all at the same time and really can't wait to be able to tell everyone we're expecting bubs number 2!!
Will let you all know how we go!!
Hi everyone. Finally confident enough to say we're expecting! Had 12 week scan last week, which was our first and found out its twins!!! I knew something was different, so wasn't a huge shock. Number three and four for us. Every thing else is good, still feel exhausted but ok. grin
Due 27th sept. Any other twin mums due in September.?
Hi there.
Congrats to all, especially the twins news! What a suprise id imagine?

Wifey and I are expecting in september of this year as well, and have just had our 12 week scan.
Sharing the joy of surviving the first trimester!

All the best for the next couple!

Here is my blog post on surviving the first trimester:

Check out my blog for a refreshing look at being a parent:

Hi all I am new to this thread. We are expecting our surprise baby which will be bubs #3 for us around 10th Sept. I will be 16weeks tomorrow. It was a huge surprise as we weren't planning anymore kids but we are thrilled! Our other 2 kids are DD 7yrs and DS 5yrs.

Danni Bourne I have sent you a PM on facebook (hope its the right Danni).

Hi to all the newcomers!! I hope you're pregnancy's are going well. Congratulations.

We had our 12 week scan on Monday and all looks perfect. We have finally been able to let family and friends know the good news that our DS is going to be a big brother and it is the best feeling. No more having to hide it.

Had a full on morning this morning with DS, so it was safe to say that when he went to bed I had a lie down, but I didn't expect to sleep for a whole hour! Must have needed it!
Hi everyone!
We are expecting our second child Sept 24th, our LO is 2 in Aug smile
Congrats to everyone on their BFPs! Looking forward to joining the Facebook group! I will send a request through to admins tonight smile
Hi guys,

I am also due September 2014. I have a beautiful 3yo son and am just over 19 weeks with this little one.

I would love to join the FB group if someone could add me?
Hi ladies,

I would like to join the due Sept group. Also is there a facebook page? P.s is the facebook page a private group, or can anyone see it?

I live in Auckland, NZ smile
Expecting our Third surprise Sept 7, 6 days after my 30th birthday.

This lil Baby bird is a surprise as we decided no more as we've got our handful with two vivacious boys 7 and 3, so after suffering severe abdominal pains for the last 4 weeks I finally went to the doctors who referred me to get an ultrasound done to check if it was appendicitis or a hernia.

So I got a rude shock when the sonographer asked if I knew I was pregnant and I bluntly told him no I'm not and he paused and turned on the sound for me to hear a baby's heart beat and shockingly said looks like your 8 weeks. So in shock I took the scans to the doctors and he advised yes your pregnant with a small hernia, as I was spotting during the 8 weeks thinking it was my period very light, the doctor was adamant I had to stop all my kick boxing, exercising and yoga just incase.

So now I'm 24w I'm loving having a little life growing in my belly but this pregnancy hasn't been easy, I've been in constant pain in my abdomen and vigiana but kept being told by OB it's just muscle stretching and the fact I've turned off protein, cannot stand the taste, smell and sometimes look of meat has been hard especially now I'm on iron supplements that now causes me constipation. I'm glad though I'm just carrying mostly in the belly unlike my previous two where it all went everywhere.

I'm looking forward to having a Spring baby as another little love of my life to cuddle up to as my two boys are too big to big smothered by mummy.


Im due on the 26th September with my first. Im from Dunedin and am hoping to find others that are in my area as I would like to get to know more people. I moved back here at the end of last year after spending about 2 years away
Hi All,
I'm new to this site, I too am due in september. September 20th is my due date, this will be our first baby we are very excited. grin
Hello mums to be!

I'm a final year nursing and midwifery student based at the Mater Mothers Hospital in Brisbane. I am so privileged to be pursuing such a wonderful, humbling and fulfilling career. I'd love you some excellent emotional and physical support during your pregnancy.

UQ offers an amazing experience for both mums (plus their family) and students, aptly named the "continuity of care" program. I will 'follow you' throughout your pregnancy experience, supporting you through your antenatal period and then when the time comes, be privileged to be part of the birth of your little bub. Lets not forget some extra support in your postnatal time when you are getting to know your new little one! I don't take the place of your regular health professional (GP/Midwife/Obstetrician) but rather act along side them. It would be my absolute pleasure to offer you an extra bit of support to make your pregnancy and birth the best it can be.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please contact me on [email protected] or 0411 585 993.

Kind regards,
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