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Hello and welcome Aleishat174, i loved reading your story.. I hope you guys have a wonderful pregnancy. What a lovely suprise i must say though there must have been tears finding out your pregnant!

I cried when i found out as we were trying for this month and got it.. Straight up couldnt believe it!! It took us a year to get our son. And our daughter was an instant baby as well..

Luda2 i have very irregular cycles (And they crap me) thankfully you can still ovulate without periods or i would be without 2 kids! So i am going off when i THINK i ovulated which was the 3rd of January.. I still have to wait till the 6th of Feb for my dating scan and i am hoping i am far enough along to get a date and see the heart beating. I will be almost 7wks. Made it then just in case i am ahead of myself too much.

The only symtoms i have as yet is sore breasts (Which before pregnancy was the only way i knew my period was on the way cause they would fill up with milk till they were leaking) so its nothing unusal to me.. I do feel sickly every now and then though so i wonder if i will have morning sickness later.

I have finished up all my pregnancy tests.. I have 6 LOL I bought one brand and they were crap and not giving a good enough line so i bought a better brand they came up straight away. Still cant believe i am pregnant and cant wait to tell everyone.

Hi there, congrats to all of you on your bfp smile

I would like to join too if that's ok? I got my bfp yesterday and decided to test again this morning and again I got a bfp smile I have mixed feelings on it as we weren't trying for a baby yet and were in the process of thinking of permanent contraception. We had a night that we called an oopsy night and bam here we are lol. This is not my first baby but will be my 7th, now you can see why talks of permanent contraception were taking place lol. My eldest will be 8yrs old in April and my youngest will be 6 months old next Thursday. I have 4 daughters and 2 sons (g,g,g,g,b,b) none of them are twins either (I usually get asked if any of them are). We always wanted 6 kids so this bub is definitely a surprise lol. I'm 27yrs old. Oh and my name is Leah smile looking forward to getting to know you all smile
Oh I want to add that it is a shock given it took us 5 months to conceive my littlest man (number 6) and yet we have one slip and bam straight away lol
Oops I should add my due date should be 23rd September smile
Wow soontobe6 or should that be 7 smile I don't know how you manage I struggle with one! Lucky you are still young as I bet they keep you on your toes!

I had my first HCG test back today after yesterday's disappointing scan. 2 weeks ago my level was 62 and yesterday my level was over 10,000 which was supposedly good so just got to have another one done probably tomorrow to put my mind at ease that bub is still growing ok and it was just that my dates were out.
Hi girls how is everyone doing? sorry I have been so quiet.
I have been so tired and can barely keep my eyes open and also get quite nauseous in the evenings but haven't actually been sick... I hurt my back earlier in the week and because it was so bad the dr gave me a voltaren injection (the highest dose he could give be being pregnant) I really didn't want it knowing you're not supposed to have it while pregnant and now im worried it may affect the baby sad
I am all booked for dating scan next Thursday and have to take 2 of my kiddies along with me which should be interesting lol...
Was just wondering would someone mind adding me to the group on fb? Im in another huggies group on there from when I had my daughter and we are still really close and they're an amazing bunch of ladies smile
I have trouble posting on here due to only have my fone to do it off.
hope you're all having a great weekend and pregnancy is treating you well xox

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hi mummy23 sorry about your back hope it's better soon.
I'm the same evenings are not good I was sick yesterday but I think more from taking my anti nausea tablet lol I really don't like the taste. . I'm eating some fruit for breakfast n I'm now scared that it will come up again sad hoping not. .. I have seemed to gone past the tiredness which is good I feel more motivated to do chores etc..
I have my scan booked for Tue night very excited!

Oh dear I hope for your sake you manage to keep it down.
Where in NZ do you live? Im in te awamutu.

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Morning ladies 8) This page has been slow, seems everyone prefers the FB site instead. I personally prefer Huggies page, i am on FB enough and being on Huggies lets me see my Lilypie smile..

Nothing new with me, still no symptoms other then my breasts filling up. Usually they fill with milk a week before my period is due to come so no suprise for me. But nothing as yet, so nothing new with me.. Just waiting till the 6th for my scan.. SOOOO EXCITED!!!

I told my mother, her partner and my sister yesturday that we were expecting and i got an applause.. They are happy of course!! My mum was shocked when i told her i still have one baby left to have smile I want 4.. But we are still tossing up on the 4th if its going to be bialogically ours or we adopt.

How is everyone feeling?? Anything as yet??

I haven't been added to the huggies group on fb sad

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Ckeekie_chopz I haven't told my mum im pregnant with my 4th yet... Im actually a bit scared to announce it to anyone after my nana told me to be prepared for alot of flack from my family and she's all worried about her reputation... After this baby I have 4 kiddies with 3 different dads... The first left me when I was pregnant with my oldest, I was with middle 2 dad for 5yrs and married 2 of those years and couldn't take anymore of his crap so left him... Never thought I would end up having another baby, only been with my partner since October but must say he is amazing with my kiddies and he's really excited about becoming a dad for the first time we just didn't expect it to happen this early if at all... Like they say everything happens for a reason but this is definitely my last smile

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I'm a true believer everything happens for a reason. It sounds like you have a loving supporting partner who is being a great role model for your children by treating you well and being a great father. I'm sure you'll be a great team.

To join the facebook group you will need to add Rebecca Payne (profile pic sepia colour of her and her son) as a friend (she is administrator) and can add you to e group smile

Loz smile

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