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is there anyone having there baby in august Lock Rss

hi all

i am a young mum wondering if anyone else is due in August. I am due on the 16th of August 2004
Hi there!

My first baby is due 27th August. Can't wait - soooo excited!

TARNS smile


hi Tarns

this is my first as well. I am very excited as well but also scared as i am young and so is my boyfriend well fiance now. we both can't wait for it to happen but i think i am more scared then anything.

so how many weeks are you?
i am about 20 weeks now. i am due on the 16 of august.

Hi everyone,

Yey!!! My baby is due in August too. This is my second baby, and I'm due the 23rd. Now i can watch your progress too. Have you all felt your baby move yet?


2 cuties 7/5/99 & 8/9/04

Hi Mandy

Yes! Finally feeling my baby move today - I'll be 19weeks tomorrow. smile


Hi Mandy

yes i have felt my baby move and for the first time last night i felt it kick. congratulations on your pregnancy i hope it all goes well.
Hi guys,

I am also due in August. Can't wait to meet this little person growing inside me.

I first felt movement at 16 weeks - kind of like little bubbles and scrapes in my tummy. At about 18 weeks I started to feel kicks and at 20 weeks my hubby felt "jekl" move too. I am nearly 23 weeks now and feel movement all the time. For the last couple of weeks I have felt body parts sticking out of me - the first time really freaked me out, made me think of alien movies!!!


I first felt movement at about 17 weeks and I felt it kick for the first time at about 19 weeks. I am now nearly 21 weeks and I also can't wait to meet it. My fiance wants it to come out now.

Hi again.

I felt this baby move at 16 weeks, I going for my 18-20 weeks ultrasound tomorrow, so i'm very excited, so is our little girl she keeps asking if we can go to the hospital now and have it!!

I hope everyone is going really well, good luck to you all!!


2 cuties 7/5/99 & 8/9/04


I'm due on the 13th August with my first. I'm with you at the moment I'm more scared than anything.

Tammy, Georgena and Alexander

Hi April,

I am due with my second bub on 30th July... but I predict I'll be having an August baby too. I with either just scrape into July or August, either way I can't wait to meet my baby boy on the way. I am almost 25 weeks pregnant and just starting to get all those pregnancy symptoms like heart burn and restless sleep.

Good luck to all the mums' having their bubs in August...

Michelle grin
How did everyone go with their pregnancies? I gave birth to my son on August 17th.

Di, vic, Jai born 17/8/04

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