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Thoughts on the name Ivy

Hi everyone, Just wondering if everyone likes the name Ivy?? What are your thoughts on this name...

5 replies

Little Egg wrote: Yep I think they are nice sibling names. A friend of mine has Oscar and Ivy, which I really like smile Oscar and...


Last Name Dilemma

I just wanted to get people's opinion on what a childs last name should be. I separated from my b...

17 replies

My partner and I have had a very messy past. We were both too young (only just turned 18 still in school ect) when I fell pregnant w...


Help needed!! #3 is a boy!

Hi, Chasing suggestions for a name for number 3 we are expecting a little man in november. We li...

3 replies

Tristan, Tasman, Taine/Tayne, Teil, Todd, Tarnae, Tanner, Tyreece, Tyrone, Tinsley,


Rebecca likes Lily, Isabelle or Lucy. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

3 replies

I like Lily or Lucy with James & Holly! Or if u wanna stay away from the 'y' ending then maybe Lila or Leila?? Or ju...


Thoughts on the name Shayla for a girl

Just wanted to know what peoples thoughts were on the name Shayla for a girl

7 replies

I like it but I loooove just Shaye!


Baby girl due in about 12 days . . Help with final three names PLEASE!!

Our top three names are: Hayden . . yes its a little masculine and I am concerned that people w...

14 replies

I know it's not on the short list but what about Frankie?

Dani S

Pregnant with son #3. Help with boys names please

Hi everyone, I just found out that we're expecting a third boy in December. We had so much t...

16 replies

When I see Liam and Kyan, for some reason I think a W name would fit well with these, either starting with W, like Wade, or with a W...


A first name for middle name "Rayner"?

I think we have picked Rayner as the middle name for our 3rd son, but are still totally stuck on ...

6 replies

Instantly thought Nathaniel Raynor (nickname Nate) especially with your other boys names!


Does this first name rhyme too much with our last name?

Hello, My husband and I both love the name Benjamin, however, I would like to get your thoughts...

2 replies

I prefer just Ben with Henderson too!? Ben Henderson sounds great!


Sibling name for Evie.

Our second bub us due in December and we can not decide on a name. We are not finding out the gen...

5 replies



boys names starting with N or I

Good afternoon ladies, can you please hit me with boys names starting with N or I? I love Nate, D...

12 replies

Nathe Isaac Neal / Neil Inarki Ivan Narek Nash Ica Ned Neo Iain / Ian Iasion Iason Noel Nika Narius Nassa Nathair Neilan Nye


Out of names

Girls names that start with "D"

3 replies

Delany Devony Dimity Dana Daja Delancy Daisy Dakota Demi Danica Danielle Darla Dawn Delta Demetria Domonique


Big strong boys names? pls help!

We are having boy #3 and are completely and utterly stuck on names! Our other boys are Dominic an...

8 replies

Love Lachlan and wyatt Also Daniel Josef Tony George Nathaniel Ronaldo Louis Brandon Donte Marcus Michael


Eliza middle name

Hello all. I think I've finally settled on Eliza for my little girl (maybe), but now I'...

5 replies

Have you thought about the name Marley as maybe a first and Eliza is ok You could do Marley jayde/ or jade Eliza Mae Eliza rose Or...


Kim likes Hayden, Brooklyn or Kendall. What do you think?

Sorry, I don't like any. Just have different taste to you. Here's some similar - Cai...

1 reply

I like Kendall and just Brooke Have you heard of azalea it's pronounced az-ay-lea. And you can also spell it azaliyah it'...


Help...Can't decide?

Need help choosing a girls name. Big sister is 'Nylah'.... Koah, Amalia, or Amaya??? ...

5 replies

Rileigh. Or Ryleigh: like this one. Do you know Rhylee can be used as a girls name too!

dancing queen

HELP! middle name dilema....

So my husband and I are on the same page as far as first names are concerned whether it a boy or ...

2 replies

You could combine two names to make one. Or two middles names / hyphenated two middle names, Depends on the names.


Zara vs Ruby

Hi ladies do you prefer Zara or Ruby?

8 replies

I'm quite find of Zyra. Only just heard this one today.


Thoughts on the name Leo?

I had never met a little boy named Leo until the other day and I thought wow such a cute name. I ...

2 replies

Leo and Max would be a cute sib set imo


Honest opinions on the name Azahra

Hi im after people's honest opinions on the name Azahra for a girl. Thanks

16 replies

tbh when i read the question , i thought 'i don't really like it', HOWEVER..... as i read the comments, the name grew...


Third Boy

We have just found out that bubba is our 3rd boy!!! Argh (we are really at odds when it comes to...

5 replies

Alexander Damon


Names for baby number 2

Hi Ladies I'm 13.5w with number 2. We are going to learn the baby's gender at the 20w ...

1 reply

Annabeth Annalise Jenna Lucille Arielle Lauren Louise Julie Jewel Jules Helena Hugh Huck Huxley Duke Percy Pacey Raleigh Riley A...


Name combination help.

We're having a surprise due at the end of October and have some favourite names short listed...

6 replies

How about Darcelle Snow or Wynter Snow for a girl.


Tamykka likes Katelyn, Kaitlyn or Donte. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

2 replies

My brothers are Dominic and Dante so I pick those, and I prefer the spelling Dante. I also like Dominic for a girl, with the accent,...



Raspberry Sundae wrote: . I think if you want to change you should ... just once. What does you...

51 replies

I was the same with DS #2 as my partner chose the name and he knew I hated it. When he did it. It took a while to get used to and no...


Name ideas

Hi expecting our third bub in December and we don't know the sex..... We need some name ide...

6 replies

We have 2 boys, Brooklyn (6) Bentley (18weeks) if they were girls we would have used one of the following names Vidalia, Halayna, M...



With only a few weeks to go until bub 2 arrives we are back to square one. We thought we had a bo...

4 replies

Harry, Phoenix, Oliver..


Name feedback?...

Hi all, I am due in a month or so, not sure if boy or girl but we are all good with our boys na...

13 replies

I love asha. That is one of the top names on our list if we have a girl. A few people have told me that asha is the girls spelling a...


It's another boy!!! Cody, Nate & ...............??

Just found out we're having a 3rd boy!!! So I need something short, sweet, spunky & not ...

15 replies


- Jay T -

Unusual girl and boy names

Any ideas for some nice but unusual names for girls and boys?? By unusual I really mean slightly...

15 replies

GIRLS: Ava-Mae Azaleah (no not after Iggy Azaleah) Payton Eloise Mila Carley (love that spelling) Carrie Letitia (meaning Joy)...


We arent convinced of the gender so cant choose a name?!

Gender accuracy- 13wk internal scan VS 20wks abdo scan. I dont have any pictures but i was wonde...

4 replies

sadly no potty shots at either scan only profile pics. No nub shots either. I dont really care what it is but i have to go shopping ...

Mummy of boys

One syllable boys names!!!!!!!!

My husband and I are REALLY struggling to find a name for our second son, to the point of loosing...

23 replies

I love Ollie!!! I wanted Benji for my son but hubby thought we should have the full name of benjamin for him, don't know why we...


Memphis or Maverick?

These are the names we are playing with at the moment, Memphis or Maverick. Which would you choos...

4 replies

Big Memphis fan. Has made or boys list twice but have yet to use it ( two girls). Hadn't got as far as thinking of middle names...


Boys names?

I have my heart settled on a girls name, now we need a boys name, any suggestions i dont want a c...

1 reply

Nate Kody Nash Ryder Brody Cole Hudson Kade Rory Tate Good luck deciding!


Boys names

I have my heart settled on a girls name, now we need a boys name, any suggestions i dont want a c...

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What are your thoughts?

I would just love everyone's thoughts on my girls name i have picked... ASTRID What do you ...

5 replies

thanks everyone... i love it more and more... now to pick some boys names...


Baby #4 needs a name, help!

We have just found out that we are expecting our third boy, and we're stumped on boy names!!...

8 replies

Oh, well I guess when you do take your last name into consideration, it does rule it out....


Middle name for Josie

Hi all Would love some middle name suggestions for Josie. We already have 2 Girls - Bailey Ann ...

5 replies

Josie Rae/Shae Josie Paige/Sage Josie Violet Josie Claire Josie Elle Josie Adele


Trying to decide on a girls name

Hi, I'm new.... just wanting opinions on the following names, or suggestions on names that ...

11 replies

I like Olivia too. I think Chloe is too popular now.


Girls names please let me know your thoughts :)

Hi all, Which do you prefer, and which order would you rate these?? For twin girls which two wou...

8 replies

i would go Indi and Leila/layla my neice is Indi and it's a gorgeous name, and Leila was a name i've toyed with myself