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Hi all mums and mums to be
I am due on the 1st of may with my 2nd but do not no the sex of bubs yet

I have a list of names and was wondering if you could lend a hand


Noah Patrick
Jarvis Patrick



Im not sure of a middle name yet for a girl but I am thinking of Grace

Your true opinions are very welcome


Sonia QLD Mikayla 8.10.04 & edd 1.05.06

I really like Noah... my brother & SIL are thinking of naming their boy Noah... To be honest i dont like Jarvis but that is only because i know a Jarvis & he is the most spoilt brat i have ever seen & his parents think its cute that he is such a brat, so thats the only reason why i dont like Jarvis... just coz i cant stand obnoxious children!

Ella: 2 years Eden: 1 year

I really like the sound of Noah Patrick it has a dignified ring to it,
As for the girls names I love the name Grace (my daughters middle name) it sounds nice next to Alyssa too but then i liked all your suggestions lol
but they were my favs
Hi Mikayla,
Firstly congrats on your pregnancy, hope all is going well for you!!
I like the name Noah Patrick, not too fussed on Jarvis though (sorry). For girls, love the name Alyssa and Sasha and love the middle name Grace.
Others for thought:
Jaycell (bit strange, I know)

Good luck!

Sam and Hayley and bub

Congrats Sonia. Not long to go now.

I like the name Jarvis. Different, manly sounding and not too common.

Noah is alright but I always think Noah's Ark whenever I hear the name. Sorry, it wouldn't be a name I'd choose, but then that's good, 'cause if we all chose the same names it would make the world a boring place. Noah is a name that might grow on me.

I love Alyssa for a girl's name. I also like Elise and Elisabeth.

All the best with the birth.
for the boy name i prefer noah
i love cassidy or a girl thats what i was going to call my last son (had it been a girl)

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

i really like Noah and Cassidy is beautiful, i might have to steal it.
You will know when it's born, so i've been told.

half way with 1st bub.
how about alyssa estelle I wanted this for my girl but ended up with Jessica marylinn

jessies mum

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