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Hi, I am really having trouble on deciding a name for a boy. I am due in 5 weeks and would really like to have something picked out by then. Can anyone tell some good sites where I can choose baby names from.

Hi ashcayde,

I am due on 26th April and still dont have a shortlist yet!!!

I have used to check popularity of names I like and to look at names from around the world.

Considering I havent found names yet I dont know if these are really that great but they are fun. And it's good to see if you really like a name how much it's been used over the years!!??(it is a US site))

I havent found a site that is any better or worse than these two and they seem to have a lot of variety.

Good luck!!

NT Mum, Keely 23/4/04 & EDD 26/4/06

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