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Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope it goes well.

Roderick is an older style name but it's a nice, manly, strong sounding boys name.

If you like Roderick what about there's always some other similar sounding names which are uncommon such as

Carrick (Irish, means 'rock')

Broderick (English, means 'brother')

Derrick or spelt Derek (English, means 'famous ruler')

Patrick (Celtic/Gaelic, means 'nobleman')

Dominic or spelt Dominick (Latin, means 'belonging to God' or 'holy person')

Frederick (German, means 'Peaceful ruler')

Hendrick or Henrick (German, menas 'the man in the house')

Maverick (American, means 'wildly independent')

Warrick (English, means 'Strong leader')

Yannick (English, means 'God is merciful')

or another thought, there's Nicholas which can be shortened to Nick

Just some food for thought.

My fave out of these is Carrick, Derek and Patrick
I think it goes well with Alistair , both older names that will siut a man as well as a boy as a nick name you could always shorten it to Rick. wishing you all the best

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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