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And The Winner Is......... Lock Rss

Hi girls,

Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!
I am due in 6 ish weeks and hubby and I have short listed a name down to 3 choices. We are having our third son and cannot make a final decision. The 3 names we have, both hubby and I all love, it's just picking one out of the three now. My idea is that you guys will decide. Please put the names in order of your preference and the most popular one will name my baby. No pressure!!!

1. Tate Michael

2. Grady John

3. Deacon John

My other two boys are Cody and Riley.
Thank - you for your help. It will make for an interseting story in later years when I tell him the Huggies site named him! Have a great day.

Vic,Mum to Cody & Riley, due 26/5

1. Tate Michael
2. Deacon John
3. Grady John
1. Deacon John
2. Tate Michael
3. Grady John

Good luck with your decision! smile

Nicole - WA - Mummy to 2 Girls (16yrs & 9mths)

Deacon John would be my choice out of the three.
Tate Michael ... then Deacon John. Not sure about Grady, as I haven't heard of it before. I love Tate ~ have heard it before, but isn't common, plus is a great name. Goodluck with choosing one of them!
I think Deacon John sounds perfect! Deacon, Riley and Cody!

Good luck with your impending birth! xoxo

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

Hi Linda

I say

1. Deacon
2. Tate
3. Grady

Great names. Not too strange, different and unique.

Good Luck smile xoxo

Mummy to Orion - The star in our universe!!

hi there lindia good luck with your name picking if i was you i would pick TATE MICHEAL 4 sure have fun chrissy
I like all the names youve chosen but have to go with what looks like the majority:
1. Tate Michael
2. Grady John
3. Deacon John
Have to say you just might find that whatever you choose you will change it when you first look at him. I had chosen a name for my son, had loved the name for as long as I could remember.. Jordan Colin... It changed the minute I set eyes on his beautiful little face... He didnt look like a Jordan! He was a Brandon. Hope this helps smile

Dell, Hawkes Bay NZ

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