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Hi everyone,
Just about finished the Nursery and was woundering wich brand of Baby monitor is good. can anyone give me a brand on one that they have and are happy with.
Thanks Pina.
Hi Pina,
I remember when buying our baby monitor I had no idea which one to choose from the array on the shelf so I took a gamble and purchased a sleep easy. It cost about $80 and has been fine. There is no interference, includes a night light, has a clip and works when I'm out at the line or watering the garden. It also has the visual light display for sounds as well. There has been many a time when I've forgotten to recharge it for days at a time and it has never lost power. I cannot say if it is better or worse than other brands but does the job well for me.
Hi Pina,
We ahd a prem baby 11 weeks early and were concerned about her stopping breathing and SIDS. We bought an Angelcare monitor which has a breathing monitor as well and the normal sounds. I found that I wasn't going into my little girls room every 3 minutes to make sure she was breathing and it meant that I got some sleep.
I love our angelcare.

Fiona, NSW

I love my baby monitor. It is a Philips and cost me $160 at Grace Bros. I had previously lent my sisters monitor for my first baby and it didn't work properly. With my second child I use mine all the time. This one switches off if there is no noise from the baby so that there is not an annoying ssshhhh sound. Also grace bros reassured me that if I didn't like the monitor I could take it back. It has a clip on it so I can't port it around if I am out side doing the gardening. It has an alarm if I am too far away or the base is not turned on in the babies room. It has a really long range and if I pop into the neighbours for 5 seconds and I can still hear clearly. It also has an adjustable sensitivity level.

mum of 3

Hi Pina,
I bought an Angelcare monitor also and wouldn't feel comfortable without it. They are more expensive ( about $180-$200) but the breathing alarm went off once with our little girl and it basically paid for itself a million times over. Other handy features are that you can use it as just a sound monitor without the breathing sensor attatched, it has a visual display on the parents monitor, so you can "see" if your baby is making noises (very handy at parties when it is too noisy to hear), and both parent and baby monitors can be battery or mains operated, so you are not wasting money on batteries all of the time. Baby monitors tend to drain batteries really quickly when used over night, so remember this when purchasin a monitor. Enjoy you bub!

Rachel, SA, mum to Ella 11mths

Hi Pina,

I invested in a Tomy Winnie-the-Pooh one from Target. It cost about $130 normally. I got it on special. I thought it had what we wanted at the time, but next time will go with something else. It has a lot of static and it is really noisy and the only thing that will stop it is to put your hand on the unit to reduce the noice. The parent unit is battery or mains operated and has a belt clip or stands upright, which was good. The baby unit has a night light and music option but was only mains operated so we couldn't just pick it up and use it where ever we wanted. It did have the option of sound/sound and lights/lights option, but I feel more comfortable with the sound and lights and then I can see and hear what is going on. I also found depending on the house the reception can be really bad and it can get really noisy. I hope you have better luck and are happy with your choice.

I had a tomy that had a walk about bit for going outside and lights which are activated by sound and a night light on the end that is in the babies room which I found great for the night time feeds as it wasn't too bright. I have now passed it onto 2 other frinds and they both love the night light as well.

Karen, 2 girls, 1 boy and 1 due edd 23.10.07

I also have an Angelcare monitor and i think its great! The movement option is great as i am also worried about SIDS.
Having the montior allows me to get a good rest when my daughter is not in the same room as us.

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

we have the angel care one its up to our 3rd child no problems with it it is also a breating montor which will beep if no movement/breathing d for 30 seconds

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

hi Pina
I had just the sound monitor for the first few months and being a first time every noice my baby made I was geting up to check on him and even if there was no noice for ages I ws always checking on him to or the monitor to see if it was working. Than one day my fiance came home with a tiny little security camara that was connected to a tiny tv, he brought it for other reasons but we decided to give it a go with bub and it works wonders. If bub makes a noice I can just look but now seeing how he sleeps I have worked out that he is just a restless sleeper, he never stops moving! So if you can get your hands on one of them it is fantastic, some people have said to me its a bit to drastic but qwhen you need a peacefull sleep its the best way to go! and also it was around $80 so its the same price of the cheaper voice ones!

Mummy to 3 Boys

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