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Hi there,

We're looking for a modern looking, lightweight, practical pram that is suitable from birth. So far, we've got the following in mind:

1. Peg Perego Prammette - approx $599
2. Maclaren Vogue - approx $299
3. Maclaren Techno Classic - approx $439

Just wondering if anyone has any positive or negative feedback on any of these.

'm afraid I'm not familiar with any of those particular prams. We have a Peg Prego "Milano" which I love and my DH hates. The reason? He trips up on the foot rest all the time, the wheels are close together so that when we take our DD for a wlk in the pram he stumbles on them too, and the handle is too low.

I love it because it folds up, not down (meaning I don't have to bend to pick it up), and it is pretty lightweight. It has machine washable bits and pieces and the basket underneath is big enough to hold lots and lots. It reclines to a completely flat surface for my DD to lie on (some don't, and friends complain this makes it difficult to get babies to sleep).

We also chose a peg perego pram on recommendation by friends with kids, who advised the brand held together well for two or three children, unlike some other brands which only lasted for one child.

Best suggestion - ask friend with kids for their input about what they dislike and like about their rams, make a list of what features are imprtant to you, and ask the store you go to if you can "road test " the display model in the parking lot.

Qld, mum to Madison, born 25/5/05

Hi, I have a 7 week old daughter and purchased the Peg Pramette...I love it!!! It is so light and compact. It is easy to push around the shops and because it is narrow it makes supermarkets and tight spots easy. We have it in the bassinet position still and may daughter seems to be comfortable in it. I also like the way the handles can be extended as my husband is taller than me so it can easily be adjust to our heights. The only downside is that on uneven ground it can be quite bumpy, but that isn't a big concern for me. I highly recommend them!
Hey Pooch, I've just been looking at a Choice report which compares 10 of the most popular four-wheel layback strollers and you may be interested to know that the Maclaren Vogue rated the highest for ease of use.

The only bad point noted was that the handle isn't reversible, but that may not be a priority for you ...

Nicole - WA - Mummy to 2 Girls (16yrs & 9mths)

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