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How to know if your baby is overweight Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

Im a new mum to my beautiful 13 week old son.... I am a little concerned about his weight.... he dosn't look overweight, he weighs 7.2 kilos and what concerns me is that some 8 month old baby's are around this is it that my boy is big or that the 8 month old is small or is he just right..... maybe some people can tell me how much there children weigh just so I can get some idea.

Cheers Ami

8 month old baby boy

HI Ami, How heavy was your son when he was born? Your child should gain 120-200grams a week (aged from newborn to 6 months) and from 6 months to 9 months at least 110g a week and then from 9 months 80g. i was concerned like u when i first had my son so i rang my child health clinic and this is what they told me. I weighed my son every week and he gained this plus maybe a couple of grams more. I was told u r better of if your baby is a tiny bit heavier so u can allow for weight loss if they r sick.
But all child health centres r different in what they say but i rang 3 different ones inregards to how much they gain weekly.

Hope this helps u.
Hi Ami,

My son Nicholas will be 4 months next Saturday 13th Nov and at the moment he weights 6.7kg's and is formula feed on s26 gold, and is sleeping 10-11 hours a night.....if you are concerned see your clinic sister asap.


jacob was 4.2kg when he was born he is 9 weeks and 6.2 kg now i thought he was big but he is just a heavy boy he is long so he doesnt look fat im just glad im not the only worry wart out there

SA mum with baby jacob 20th sep 04

My baby was 9lb 9oz when born and he is now 6.3kg at 8 weeks old. I think that is big, but apparently as long as they stay approx on the same percentile as when they were born there should be no problem. My boy was on the 98th percentile when he was born and he is still on the 98th percentile even though he is really alot bigger than most his age he is still within normal.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

You gotta keep one thing in mind. babies dont get overweight.

mum to bayden 25/02/05

my boy is 8 weeks and aroun 6 kilos he puts on about 60 grams a day. If your breast feeding you apparently cant over feed them i express and he takes about 220ml a feed and about 7 times a day. He has been taking this amount for 4 weeks. What a gutsy boy hey. Atleast they have plenty of back up if they get sick. My daughter was the same she is 16mths and 13.6kg and very tall.

Cathy S.A, girl Rylee 07/01/04+Lachlan 03/03/05

Over weight /underweight
Your baby will be perfect for them, its the same when you're pregnant you're big/your're small.

you just can't win.

Stay happy


Roy LOL - you are right - you can't win - LOL - I give up worrying now.
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