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S26 from different locations? Lock Rss

I have been feeding my daughter S26 newborn since I stopped breastfeeding at a bit over 2 weeks. She has been thriving on it!

Last week I bought a new tin of S26 and noticed the scoop size was different. After calling the manufacturer/distributor I was indformed that S26 is manufactured in both the US and in Singapore and the scoop size is different due to the formula being slightly different. I thought this explanation (although strange) made sense.

After a couple of days on the new tin of formula (from Singapore) my daughter had chronic wind, bad reflux and runny poo. Clearly S26 from the two locations are considerably different.

After some research, we decided to change to Karicare Gold and have found she is sleeping alot more though not eating nearly as much. I am concernedthat she is not eating enough and am finding it difficult to feed her as after about 80mls she will start whinging. She is 9 weeks old and only eating 500 mls of the Karicare per day compared to around 750 mls of the S26.

Not sure if I should switch back to S26. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Katie

My son (nearly 3 months) has been on Karicare since i had trouble breastfeeding 4 days after he was born. Karicare is said to be as close to breast milk as you can get and usually doesn't constipate them. My son is a big baby and somedays he will only drink 100 - 120 mls at some feeds and then other feeds will drink up to 200mls. I would stick to Karicare and just keep an eye on her as long as she is happy, sleeping and putting on weight I would not worry too much.

Sometimes I find he only drinks 80mls and then i burp him give him a short break and offer him some more and he usually takes most of it if not all of the bottle. It also depends on the time between feeds, sometimes he has less more often and other times will wait a bit longer and drink more.

I would stay away from S26 after discovering this, if the formula from the two locations are considerably different, then its like changing your formula each week depending on what tin you happen to buy.

Hang in there, her body is probably just getting used to the new formula.

Hope this helps, all the best.

Tracy NSW, 2 boys, 4 and 2

Hi! I have formula fed both my kids on S-26 and found no problems with it, I have recently changed to Karicare Gold just to try it on my daughter to see if she likes it difference, I think so long as it's food she doesn't care!! I'd say stay on the Karicare and give it a go, your daughter may still be feeling the effects from the S-26! So long as she's happy, putting on weight and sleeping well I wouldn't worry too much!

Best wishes

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi, Thankyou both for your advice. I've decided to stick to the Karicare and so far things seem to be working themselves out. She's happy and healthy and the Doc is happy so I think we're getting there.

Thanks again.
Hi Katie,
My daughter is 9 weeks old. I also started her on S26 but I have since changed to Karicare. I consulted my peditrican and he said the S26 is very high in suger and not the best choice for babies, he said it is popular because it is the best known. I am very happy on the Karicare, Tarni loves it!!
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