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Digesting Formula Lock Rss

My little girl was 7 weeks old when the pediatrition diaglnosed her as having severe colic ( painful digestion) shes 3 months old now and till seems to have the same problem.
I wanted to know if if she's having so much trouble digesting breast milk which is so easy to digest would it be more painful to digest formula or breast milk with milk thickener in it? Im hoping she will settle better and feel fuller longer but im to scared to try it as she is so sensitive.
Any suggestions would be great

Amanda,Perth,nearly 10 Month baby Girl

Hi Amanda
You might want to talk to your Pead about the posibility of your baby having reflux. reflux doesn't have to be vomiting it can be silent reflux. If reflux is the problem there is a variety of medications that can help ease the pain for your baby.
You can get formula that is developed for babies who are sensative so this might be the best one to try.
Good luck I hope your baby settles down soon.
perhaps it would reassure you to have your baby seen by your pediatrition again.

lt could be the same thing or it could be something new. like the reflux suggestion.

like you said breastmilk is easily digested, but little babies still can have trouble with digesting it.

have you considered if there is anything in your diet that may be passing through your milk. eating a healthy diet with everything in moderation is reccommended but occasionally a sensitive baby may react to something in the mothers diet.
with dd1 i had to limit my dairy intake as she developed eczema. on talking with my mil i discovered there were dairy sensitivities in her family. maybe you could discuss this possibility with your gp/pead.

good luck

mum of 3 girls

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