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please someone help me my milk is no longer keeping my 14wk old imogen happy i have started her on s26 gold for sup feeds i would really love some hints on building my milk as this is my last baby and i dont want to loose this bond with her i am new to forum so would love to hear from some mums who have had the same problem or who can help me thank you and hope to speak soon leeanne

Why do you think she's not happy? 12-16 weeks is prime growth spurt time so it could be that.

If you think you have a supply issue (and most women do but rarely is it really a problem)the last thing you should be doing is offering formula. Even at this stage bf is a largely supply=demand relationship and each feed that your breasts aren't giving is milk your body thinks it doesn't need to make; so if you try and "trick" bubs into thinking she's not hungry, which is what formula does because it usually keeps them feeling fuller longer as it is harder to digest than bm, they are on the breast less and your body compensates for that.

Have you spoken to the ABA or a lactation consultant? They can help with supply issues, but the best remedy is to put her to the breast more often. This explains some common (and normal) bf baby behaviour that often has mums thinking they have a supply problem, including links to some other stuff like how to increase supply, info on growth spurts, etc.


thanks for that christina she never seems full after a feed and fusses a great deal if i give her a bottle she settles .she even has stages that when i offer her the breast she starts screaming i will look into extra help thankyou again
hi there,

I have a thew tips ive learnt since i had my bubs 15 months ago, they didnt realy work for me but breastfeeding problems run in my family. I would recommend trying to feed more regulary and pumping out any milk thats left after a feed because the more milk thats coming out the more your breasts will prodece to keep up with demand. Having a balanced diet will help the quilty and the amount a little too. The la leche legue recomend using a sling so that your babies always close to you and can feed on demand, they also recommend spending a weekend in bed just you and bubs and letting him feed on demand this also brings you closer and relaxes you meaning that your let down phase will work better. Its also a good idea to talk about this problem with a member of the la leche legue as they are like breast feeding goros, you can get there number from your plunket nurse or other health proffesional, they also have a website. And if all else fails there is a pill you can be described by your docter or midwife that makes your body produce more milk (i found out about this one too late).
I hope this imformation has been helpfull.

hello, sorry for late reply but I hope this helps- as the pp have said try expressing to boost your supply, and if you don't have any other cherubs or demands on your time spend a day in bed with your baby sleeping and feeding, sleeping and feeding which will give both of you a chance to cuddle and chill, and will boost your supply.
Good luck
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