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hi guys. im a first time mum to 7 wk old lachlan. after reading through the forums i realized how dissappointed iam with the birth of my son. i had pre-eclampsia and was induced at 37 wks because things were getting really bad. after going through the full labour with 3 failed epidurals and pushing for two hours nothing was happening and it was decided that i would have an emergency c section. i had to go fully under therefor my partner and my suppourt person were not allowed in. i dont remember hardly any of my labour except it was painful and i certianly dont remember anything after the birth. i dont remember seeing my son for the first time or even feeding him. iam really angry at the hospital for not filling in the gaps for me. i also found out when i got home that his apgar was only 2 then went upto 6- ithought they should have explained what went on to me. does anyone else have a similar experience? please let me know! it would be a great relief to know that other people have been trough this too, even though it isnt a very nice thing to have happened. thanks!

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hi. i also had a med student "trying" to do the epidural first, and failed!
i understand that the hospital got me to sign the consent forms to keep themselves safe, but i just wish that one of the staff members that were present had taken the time to explain to me what happened and why it happened.
all i know is that his head was also the wrong way up and becasue of all the gels that i had to have, it swelled his head(and because of all the pushing getting nowhare), i have to have ceseareans for any other children that i have.
thanks for sharing your story

Hi Kylie

I was induced due to pre-eclampsia and ended up having an emergency c-section after several hours of really intense labour - and my son's name is Lachlan! Your experience sounds terrible, I can't believe the hospital didn't even take the time to explain things to you. Although nothing went as I expected, my doctor was fantastic and things turned out well for us. I did have trouble breastfeeding at the start as they failed to tell me that your milk takes longer to come in after a c-section. I know it's easier said than done - try to focus on the future with your precious little boy rather than your terrible experience. All the best.

hey guyz
i too had a em C, i had my daughter at 26 weeks and had no birthing plan done, i had serve pre eclampisa since 22 weeks and i went into shock, the following days were all a shock for me,..

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

when i had my first baby who is 18mths now i had to under go an em c section because of the nurse i had and i was very upset with the hospital and the nurses.
i also had a med student and i didn't know until the end when she told my mum that this was her first time doing this.

i went to the hostpital at 7:00am and everything was fine, for me labour was painful but i could handle it i started to get realy painful contractions while i was in the bath thats when i started to use the gas but the nurse didn't have it strong enough for me so when she left my hubby turned it up for me and i felt great. all the time that i was in the hospital the nurse came in to check on me like 4 times and left.
towards the end i realy felt like pushing and i was yelling at the nurse that i need to push. she told me to start pushing. i told her that my waters hadn't broken yet she said it was fine. even though it was my first baby i know that the waters have to brake b4 u start pushing but she asured me that it will brake by it self. after about 1hr of pushing she sent another nurse to see me cause she ddn't know what was hapening.
when that other nurse came she straight away broke my waters and rushed me to the other room because all the water was brown.

all the nurses were in such a hurry thay didn't know what they were doing. they had to get my husband to help them with something. they checked the babys heart rate and it was going down they got the doctor to come and see me as soon as the doctor saw me she rushed me to do a em c section.

it was like 1 second everyting was fine the next i was rushed of with out my husband and put to sleep so they do everything.
when i woke up i was so upset i started crying. it was so traumatising for me and my family i was only 19 years old when this happend and till now im so peed off.

With my second baby they told me i would prob have to have another c section but i told them i wanted to try to have it normaly. and i did have her normaly and im so proud of myself for doing that. with my 2nd one the same nurse i had with first one came in and asked if she needed help i yelled at her NO GET LOST and she left.

sorry for the long story

Salwa, 2 girls, sydney

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thanx tonipie at least i know now for my next baby what to do and that i can can have a natural birth. and ill make sure the next time i see her i will tell her.

Salwa, 2 girls, sydney

hi guys
thanks heaps for taking the time to read about my birthing experience and telling me about yours, it has made me feel better about the whole thing knowing im not the only one who has had to go through it all!


Hi there. I had an emergency c section with my first child after a short but painfull labour. I was also out for the birth, and both my partner and support person were not allowed in the operating theatre. I was devestated, and felt so embarrassed when I told people how my son was born, as I felt that I did not do the "natural" job. It has taken me a while to come to terms with his birth, and now I understand that his life was in danger (I had a haemerage and his heart beat dropped very low) and he had to be born right away, and i was only 3cm dialated. It is very upsetting, trust me I know. However, things will get better - you carried your beautiful baby for close to the term of the pregnancy, and your body kept him healthy and happy during that time. You need to keep reasurring yourself. I missed out on everything with my son, i didnt see him until he was 3 hours old. I was lucky, we got everything on video after he came out of the theatre, about 10 mins later. Your partner also missed out as well, and it could be distressing for him as well. Things will get better, my son is nearly 3 (and keeps me on my toes) and he loves me and I love him dearly. I recently had another child, a little girl born in April 04 and I gave birth to her naturally! I may have missed out on the first birth, but i dont let it bother me as much now, and i am sure you will come to terms with the birth as i did. It all takes time. If you feel upset or depressed, just look into your baby's eyes and see the love he has for you, and that he is happy and healthy!

nelly 3yo boy & 8mth girl

when i first fell preggas I myself knew that this baby would not be natural. then i started getting bigger and bigger through out my pregnancy by 5 months i definetly knew. by 8 months i was starting to voice my opinion but the doctors knew better. all my pregnancy my back was so bad i couldnt walk it hurt. i worked all through it though i am to stubborn the doctors told me that it would be a shame if i didnt try natural labour i was doubtful but i agreed to shut them up. i had an epidural after 10 hours of really painful labour. labour lasted 16 hours, i was only 2 cm dialated the WHOLE TIME. my daughters heart rate dropped suddenly and rapidly everyone was in panic mode which freaked me out. i am happy i had the epidural as i was not put out i was awake for the birth of my little girl. her head was stuck my pelvis was to small. she could have died any longer they took. although it was scary i trusted my doctor as he was the doc i'd seen all my pregnancy and he is the only one i see now i travel and hour to go see him but i dont care i want quality care! i knew my little girl would be born via scalpel. so it wasnt to tramatic for me. i cant remember my 5-6 days in hospital at all i was groggy. i will be having another one next time we finally fall preggas thats for sure none of that crap again!
i cant think of anything else i wanna say thanks for listening.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

Hi, I'm a first time mum to a 4 month old little girl. I went through a 19 hr of hell. When i got to the hospitial at 11.00pm they did an internal and I was told that the baby was in a posterior position and that I had not dilated. My contraction were coming hard and fast so after 8 hrs I still had not dilated and decided to have an epidural. One of the nurses told me that my baby would arrive at around about 3.00pm that day. The ob came to see me at 5.00pm and did another internal I was then told to push. The ob come over to me and said that the baby is still posterior and we are going to try and turn your baby with the forceps. The ob had several goes at turning the baby pulling the forceps in and out many times. The ob said that the baby does not want to turn we are going to have to rush in for an emergency C section. When my baby arrived at 6.30 pm that night I was that out of it that I did not want to even hold her I just wanted to go to sleep. The next day when I spoke to the ob he said that I may have had a slightly samller pelvis.

Why was no of this picked up in my check ups?
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