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Recommendation for Hypospadias Surgeons in Sydney??? Lock Rss

Hello, our 5 week old son has Hypospadias. We live in Newcastle and I am looking to get a second opinion from a surgen in Sydney. Can anyone recommend a good surgeon in Sydney that has experience with Hypospadias?? If you do not want to post public please inbox me if you like. Thank you!
Hi Love. Have you looked up Paediatric Urologist in Sydney on Google. I found Dr Grahame Smith who specialist in that area. My son had a hypospadias (now fixed). We are in Queensland however. Our surgeon did a fantastic job. Everyone said he has no beside manner, I didnt care, as long as he did his job!!!
i have been to a paediatric urologist in newcastle that i have also heard raving reports about. To us he had a great mannerism and made us feel at ease, only needed the one appointment with him so I can comment on his surgery skills.
Yes, I have googled Urologists in Sydney and come up with a few. Andrew Holland has been recommended by 2 people from another forum that I am on..

Luvmy2kidsplusanother - would you be willing to tell me who it was in Newcastle that you went to?
Sorry I thought I had posted his name, Dr John Cassey. Apparently he has children of his own, Our son was 6 months when we saw him and he giggled at the Dr while he was talking and was so eager to go with him when he got weighed and blood pressure checked. Has toys in the room and it was a positive experience for us. He asked what we knew of the situation, how we felt about it and continually asked if we had any questions.

So I would reccomend him. If you google him you will find other forums that have mentioned him and all seem to be a positive response.
Hi All,

My son, who was born this week,has been diagnosed with hypospadias
We are really worried about what will happen to our son when he gets old, about his future, would there be a lot of difference in natural or treated organ etc..
The type of hypospadias details are :
Penoscratal hypospadias with short phallus (spl 1.9cm) incomplete foreskin and moderate chordee were noted from birth
There are different types of hypospadias and unfortunately the specialist is saying it's a severe one sad
but fixable.
We will be going for an appointment with Dr Andrew Holland,can anyone share any experience with him?
There is a lot of sadness and worry, can anyone help?

Hi Natik,

Im writing with regards to an old post of yours. Did your son have the surgery with Dr Andrew Holland? My son has been diagnosed with sever hypospadias.

Best regards
No we went for another Doctor...who is a vey highly regarded specialist and has dedicated his life for treating Hypospadias . The other doctors in Sydney were saying 2-3 surgeries were needed but he corrected it in 1 surgery.
Naitik, can I ask who you ended up going with?
Naitik, can I ask who you ended up going with?
Naitik, can I ask who you ended up going with?
Naitik, can I ask who you ended up going with?
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