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Need to find a good GP in Berwick, Victoria Lock Rss


We moved to Berwick, Victoria about 3 yrs ago and we haven't been able to find a good GP that's suitable for everybody in the family. I currently go to Berwick Springs Medical Centre but don't find the doctor there to be very caring. When my 4yr old recently had her vaccination the doctor was very uncaring and just really jabbed it in her leg. As I now have a 4 week old I will probably need to go to the doctors more often so would like to find a suitable GP as soon as possible (preferably before my 6 wk checkup as I'm not looking forward to that with this doctor).

I would appreciate it if anybody from the Berwick or Narre Warren area could recommend a good GP for my family.

Thank you.

Nicki, mum to Taylor(7), Brooke(4),Jasmine (6 mths

Hi there,

I actually live in Boronia but my mum works in Narre Warren and all her work colleagues are from around that area. So she was recommended to see a doctor in that region by the name of Kwai Lee. Mum was really really impressed by how thorough she is. Apparently she's really nice and spends quite a while asking heaps of questions on your first visit with her and really doesn't like to leave any stone unturned, which is what i hate with many gp's as its like they just want to get you out of their office asap.... I have her name and number because i was going to take my 6 week old to see her to try and determine what the problem is with her terrible feeds etc. Anyway she works in a clinic with other doctors so you'd have to ask for her specifically, but its in Berwick somewhere and the phone number is 9796 2222. She might not be for you, but she has come highly recommended to me.
Best of luck in your search!

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica

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