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Anger issues. Lock Rss

For the last maybe 6 months or so, i am finding myself angry, agitated and frustrated almost 24/7
I will have good and bad days, i can feel it when i wake up if its a good or bad day.
When i have good days im happy smiling and easy to be around lol
and bad days u dont wanna deal with me lol, i find it hard to enjoy anything deal with my children, and be happy with my fiance.
I cant think of anything that has triggered this.
I can feel it in my body when im getting angry it feels like its just starts spreading through me and along my arms and then i get agitated.
On my bad days i cry over nothing and dont want to get out of bed.
I dont know what to do, i cant simply stop but i dont know if i have some sort of medical problem that could be spoken about to a doctor.

Depression runs in my family so i dunno if thats the answer sad
Has anyone felt like this before i really need help i feel like its ruining my relationship and im not being the best mum. sad
Hi, sorry to hear you have been going through so much. To be honest it sounds like depression to me. I suffer depression due to my chronic daily migraines. Your best bet is to talk to your GP. I wish you the best of luck.

Thanks for replying.
I just feel like if i mention it to my doctor he will just think im over reacting. sad
And what should i say about it, not treat them like a therapist lol.. I have alot of issues.
Hi, Sounds like you are going through a rough patch. If you don't feel comfortable talking to your GP, maybe see a qualified naturopath or herbalist if you're open to that (see to find one in your area). I know people who have found help through using herbs for their moods. Also you could try flower essences - go to your local health food store and they should have a range of flower essences or google bach flower or bush flower essences and you can choose the one(s) appropriate to how you feel...they help support you on an emotional and mental level.
Do you think it could be hormonal? I only ask because after I had my 2nd DS I found a few days before AF was due I was like a demon I could feel the anger and hurt raging inside me, this is while I was on the pill. This gradually went to a week before AF then to 3 weeks out of my 4 week cycle it was horrible I just felt like I wasn't me I was so upset and angry all the time like furious angry and everything seemed so bad. I went off the pill and this changed back to a couple of days before AF which I could deal with much easier.
Anyway thought I would share in case there might be a different reason for your emotions other than depression, hopefully your dr can help.
You actually remind me of myself! Everything you described is what I am going through. I did the depression test and got 19. My fiancé was so angry at me... So I don't talk to him about it.. But I hate what happens to me! Trying to control it and deal with it myself and losing! sad
Hoping you get better! Be strong
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