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Hi All,
Pregnant with 3rd child. Im only 26 and I know I don't want anymore. EVEN if one dies or I find a new partner (That is my belife- i thnik its fine for other people and would even help and support if they felt this way- but NOT for ME)
So does medicare offer any help with tubal ligation?
How did you feel after it? how long were you in hospital? Did you need help when u got home?
How much was it? if you a public paitent how long did you wait?
I need info and lots of it on this topic- can't find any australian info though:(

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You will need a referral to a gynacologist who will perform the procedure. It is done laprascopically through a couple of small incisions in your belly. They place clips on your tubes.

You will prob have pain afterwoods due to the gas, and may feel sick due to them poking around with your ovaries (for some reason makes you feel sick).

It is usually done in a day stay situation - you don't generally have to stay overnight in hospital.

It can be done as a public patient - waiting lists depends on the hospital. ie country hospitals may have less of waiting lists than their city counterparts. If done as a public list you don't have to pay.

Hope this helps with your decision. you could try an IUD implant for a start before making a big decision.


The best thing is when your at your next OB app, get some info/booklets on this info...

If you have an elective c/s then they will tie your tubes then for you...

Im pretty sure its a day procedure, and covered by medicare (well most of it)..

But been your age they might argue with you..the usual reasons too young, what ifs

I had mine done in my c/s I was only 26..But I had a very hard and long pregnacy with #3 and had large babies....

Good luck...

Alanna,VIC DD 030503 DS1 290605 & DS2 040407

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