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boy and girl sharing??? Rss

Hi all,
Im in the process of moving house soon (unwillingly) as im a single mum, I cant afford too much, and a few people have suggested getting only a 2 bedroom place, but i have a 7yr old girl and a 21month old boy, i think they should not have to share, what are your thoughts and has anyone ever done this successfully?
thank you,

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I think, if your daughter is anything like mine (8) she would not like to share with her brother no matter how much she loves him, i think girls grow up a lot quicker than boys and need their own space. My 10 yo son and 2 yo son share a room thouygh and are fine with it together. In saying that though, if that's what you can afford and you don't have a choice, then that's how it will be, and it hopefully won't be long term and it could work out fine for everybody. She may enjoy the company, it would be better to have to share a room than to live beyond your means and get into trouble financially. We all have times when money is tight and it could be a positive experience for everyone.
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