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Why women don't like gambling? Rss

I started to gamble when I was 20 y.o., now I'm 34. There was a period when I stopped gambling because I had a job, then started again when they fired me and now I found another job but keep gambling. I've been with a few girls which didn't accepted casinos and leave me. Why is that? I'm not addicted, it's just a passtime, and they don't understand that.
I think women think that living with a gambler is dangerous. They think that it is addition and you will spend all the money on it.
Dude up here is right. Nothing surprising here. All women have instinct to make a good family and she thinks for families safeness, that is why when she sees you spending so much money on the stuff as casino she becomes scared. She think that in the future you won’t stop and spend the last money on it. I am also playing casino score88poker and I understand you very good. It is a simple way of getting some fun. That is same as going out for a drink with friends. You have to spend money anyway. So that is the difference? You can earn money playing casino. And that makes fun double! But they will never understand that.
Why they should love it?
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