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how do I tell my mother in law to back off. I have 6-7 month old and every time she is over she won't leave him alone.
We went through this when my twins were really young in the first couple of months. In the end we had to just have the discussion with my inlaws about it and explain why we were asking them to leave them alone at times, my husband spoke to them first and then i just clarified it all with her and what them constantly being in their face meant for them. We werent rude about it, just explained what happens when they dont leave them alone and how it affected their sleeping in particular as they were being kept awake and then got overtired and then didnt sleep well. It didnt go down too well to start with and they didnt have any contact with us for 2 weeks but it all worked out and they were more conscious of it after and now we all have an understanding and they know I will pull them up for things but they have more respect for our wishes now and it has been 3 years. Good luck, it is tough to do as we know they just want to spend every minute with them but babies need their space,sleep, down time etc...
We had an issue with family constantly wanting to hold & cuddle baby when visiting, which although lovely often meant baby had basically no floor or tummy time all day. We picked a time to explain we wanted baby on the floor sometimes so that he could practice his moving/stretching etc & called it a bit of time for baby to 'show off for you'. Being kept awake past nap time still happens, & beyond explaining his routine repeatedly, & keeping an eye on baby & the clock ourselves (if we're there), I'm not sure what else can be done - maybe explaining the negative effects on baby which they don't have to see after they've gone.
thanks for your advice guys. I think we will just have to sit her down and discuss it, we are just worried that she will take it the wrong way. oh god I am not looking forward to this, there are so many emotions attached to this. I wish I didn't like her so it was easy to judt to tell her off.
Hopefully if you've had the talk it's worked.
We have a similar situation with my sister-in-law who is constantly cuddling and kissing our daughter on the face which really distresses our daughter who doesn't like people constantly in her personal 'bubble'.

We only see her every few months and every time we have to remind her to give our daughter some space. We're not talking about hugs and kisses when she first arrives, my sister-in-law would carry our daughter around for the entire visit even when she starts to get upset if we didn't say anything.

It's usually my husband who tells her to back off first as she is really huggy with him too and it annoys him just as much. She usually gets upset for a bit and then goes back to normal with less hugging. Sometimes people are just sensitive about it when it's not a big deal, it's not as if you are telling them they can never hug your child.

we had the chat to my mother in law, well my partner did. she was upset and stuff but I think some of it got through or we just feel more confident with telling her what to do and not to do. I make an effort to have them once a month for a lunch so they get to see him on a regular basis and can't gave a go at us for not letting them see him. we let her be how she is with him but we do step in when it is really necessary and she seems to cope with it ok. I just hope she keeps it up.
Well now my boy is 1 yr old and she hasn't kept it up!!!! I can't stand it.
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