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Heinz Nurture Gold Follow On Formula Lock Rss

Hi to you all,
I am coming over to Brisbane next week with my 2.5 yr old and my 7 month old. My 7 month old is on Heinz Nurture Gold Follow On Formula and I just wanted to know what supermarkets in Brisbane I can purchase a couple of tins from. It would save me lugging over a couple of tins as I am coming for 3 weeks. Thanks in advance.

Karan, Queenstown, NZ, 2 Boys

Can anyone help me with this as I am coming over from New Zealand????????

Karan, Queenstown, NZ, 2 Boys

Hi Karan,
You can buy this formula at Coles or Woolworths Supermarkets. They stock the Heinz Nuture Follow On Formula so I'm quite sure they have the Gold as well.

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

I have started using Heinz nurture with my 5 month old baby and buy it from Woolworths - I live in north Qld, but I'm sure that all Woolworths would have them. I have noticed the gold tins as well there. They are also in chemists - I buy the little single sachets there. I usually check every chemist I go into to check the price and every one so far has had them. If you wanted to make absolutely certain you could email one of the major chemist chains like Amcal. They must have a website.
I hope you have a great holiday in Brisbane!
Thanks to you both very much. I managed to get a couple of tins from a chemist so my mum is going ot grab them for me. I am originally from Brisbane but now live in NZ and am taking my two boys over to meet their grandparents, I haven't been home in 7 years!!!!!!!!
Thanks alot

Karan, Queenstown, NZ, 2 Boys

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