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WEANING...advice please! Lock Rss

I want to start weaning my boy at six months (or just reduce breastfeeds down to once/twice per day) He is 4 .5 months now. Just wondering how long it takes to do this and what methods has everyone taken? Im just not sure!

Quinnie and Remy (03/12/05)

With both of mine I started by replacing 1 feed per day for the 1st week then 2 the 2nd week and so on and I saved the feed before bed time as the last feed to drop,I was pretty lucky and both of mine took to the bottle really well,good luck!

i weaned jett at 2months and i went thru such a hard time doing it. at first he refused to take the bottle and i tried everything! i had my partner feed him because that way jett would know that all the screaming in the world wouldnt make my boyfriends chest turn into boobs and supply milk, when i couldnt get my bf to feed jett, i tried changing rooms for the feed so that way jett would take the bottle because he wasnt in the usual spot for his feed. in the end, i bought a whole bunch of different teats thinking that it could be the feel of plastic in his mouth that he wasnt taking. anyway, i finally found a teat by the brand pigeon, and it was just a dream. Jett took it straight away. its made of silicone and it need the sucking motion to flow. very similar to the way bub sucks on breasts. it stretches in the mouth. best thing i ever bought to wean...
hope that helps. he thing is now i still cant always feed him in my lap coz he still tries to turn his head toward the breast and he gets a bit frustrated.
i have to put him in his rocker to feed.
good luck. its not an easy thing to do, i know.


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