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My son was born with a cleft palte that was fixed almost 2 months ago. he has been feeding on chu chu teats which do not require sucking and now i want to put him on normal teats but he wont take them i have tried fast flow teats. is there anything that is similar to the chu chu teat that isnt so ecpensive.

kate, NSW, 11mth baby

I dont know anything about cleft palte but have you ask your GP or the chemist? wouldnt they know what to use for your son and to help him out.

Sorry that I didnt give you any advise.

Let me know how you went with it and good luck.


Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi baby girl is 6 months old and has a soft cleft palate. We've been using Pigeon cleft palate teats for a while (ever since we discovered Chu Chu no longer makes a cleft palate teat!). They are a similar design to the Chu Chu teat (softer on the bottom) but with a Y cut instead of an X. The cut can easily be made bigger with a knife if needed. In NZ they are about $10 each, so not super cheap but better than the $40 I was quoted for other teats. NUK also makes a cleft palate teat. It's HUGE and you make a hole in it suitable for your baby. I've also heard Infanti makes a spout for wide neck bottles similar to the Medela soft cup feeder spout. Hope this helps. Let us know how you're getting on - I'll need lots of advice for when we're in the same situation later this year.

Becs, NZ

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