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Hi, My daughter is 5 mths and I would like to know if anyone else's baby only has a small feed at breakfast time.

She only has about 60-80 ml if I'm lucky. Her first feed is about 930am (she wakes up at that time- don't tell me I'm lucky because she doesn't sleep until about 1030pm 11pm!). She wakes for a night feed around 5am on alternate nights and sleeps through the other nights.

Durng the day her intake is not that great. She has ebm ( about 120 mls per feed if I'm lucky 3 times) and then is put on breast at 10pm feed.

Also, for those that bottle feed during the day and breast at night, do ypu find that they eat more while on the breast?

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Hi Sausi, Is she telling you that she is hungry or are you just giving her a feed because she has woken. My DS is never really that hungry when he wakes so I now wait until he is telling me he needs a feed. Don't forget as they get older they are able to hold more milk therefore needing less times at the bottle/breast. I am having to adjust the amount of times I put Theo to the breast as he isn't needing as many feeds and gets really **** with me if I offer the breast too early!!!!!

Is she putting on weight? Is she generally happy? Look at the whole picture if you think she isn't drinking much. Theo has his days where it feels like he constantly drinks and then there are other days where I feel like he isn't drinking much at all.

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