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When are parents going to stop Lock Rss

Yes we are inundated with Breast is Best, you should feed your child yourself etc. Most of this starts while pregnant and comes to a climax in hospital after bub is born.

When are parents going to stop judgeing others because they choose to breast feed or formula feed.

If parents, hospitals, organisations etc gave more positive information to new mums - Like if you can breast feed - great, if you cant or choose not to then your child will not come to great harm by formula feeds.

I have seen to many mums stress about feeding when we should all have one goal in mind and that is to - Give our children the things they need Food, Shelter and Love.

twingle mummy (singleton and twins)

Hi Shannie

You are right, all that should matter is that your baby is being fed & loved - thats all he/she needs. It doesnt matter how they are being fed, as long as they are. I only breastfed for the first couple of weeks and nearly sunk into PND because I felt that guily - not anymore though. I envy people that can breastfeed, I envy those that dont - we are all mothers and that is the most beautiful thing!!!
I KNOW alot of mothers dont continue breastfeeding their babies because they find it TOO HARD-they give too quickly because they think their milk supply is low (just because you cant see how much your baby is taking on the breast).
Yes-some mums cant bst feed, but please dont BAG us mums who are bst feeding-IT IS THE BEST START IN LIFE FOR YOUR BABY NO MATTER WHAT!!

In the past, no decision needed to be made. A mother gave birth and then fed her baby the breastmilk nature provided. Last century science became involved and mothers were led to believe they now had an easy choice between two equals - breastmilk or infant formula.

At times, mothers were even convinced that infant formula was superior to breastmilk. Breastfeeding wasn't always encouraged - it wasn't seen to be important. Research shows us that this is not true. In fact, breastfeeding is very important.


protects your baby from illness and infection
provides the correct food for your growing baby
aids the development of your baby's eyesight, speech and intelligence
promotes a special loving bond between mother and baby
Babies who are not breastfed…
have a higher risk of cot death
have an increased likelihood of allergy
cost more money - you need to buy expensive infant formulas and feeding equipment. Non-breastfed babies are more likely to fall ill, costing more to the family and the community in medical bills
are less environmentally friendly - in terms of fuel, energy and resources needed for artificial feeding
It helps to know:
Most babies have a strong need to suck when they are first born, so you can start breastfeeding straight away if you are both well.
The more milk your baby takes from the breast, the more milk your breast will make.
To establish a good milk supply let your baby feed frequently, whenever he wakes or seems hungry. Allow him to finish the first breast before offering the second side.
Breastmilk is easily digested. It is normal for young babies to feed frequently, including night feeds. This helps your supply too.
Babies breastfeed for comfort and closeness as well as to satisfy their hunger and thirst.
There is no need to avoid any specific foods while you are breastfeeding. There are no magic foods that increase the milk supply - a sensible, well-balanced diet is the key.
Many women successfully combine breastfeeding and work outside the home.
As your baby grows, your breastmilk changes to meet his developing needs - your breastmilk is always the right food for your baby.

And your crazy if you really think that FORMULA will be one day hailed as being better than breast milk!!
C'mon ladies.
hi shannie,in answer to your post i really dont think people will ever stop judging other people over whether they choose to breast or bottle feed.there is always a waiting eye ready to judge.each mummy does woteva it is they have to do ,and to me that is the best start in life.
hi shannie,in answer to your question i really dont think people will ever stop judging other people over whether they choose to breast or bottle feed.there is always a waiting eye ready to judge.each mummy does woteva it is they have to do ,and to me that is the best start in life.
The best way to look after your baby is when you are doing your best and that you arent stressing out and getting upset and that everyone is doing alright and it doesnt matter if its breastfeeding or bottlefeed cause all our children will be healthy, happy, loved, protected and etc.

My daughter is breastfeed and I love breastfeeding her but at the same time I wish she would take the bottle and especailly when I have to go out and do something down town or even if I want to have a relax day but it doesnt bother me now I have got use to it.

I know when I had Jaye the midwives that I had were awful to me and made me feel like a awful mum just after I had Jaye and its my first time being a mum, they nearly put me off breatfeeding cause how they made me feel and they just didnt understand where I was coming from and how I felt.

Did anyone else have this problem in the hospital?


Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hey Girls

I'm going to put my 2cents worth in, I'm kind of sorry that i missed all the action though.

I'm a fully breast feeding mother. I have nothing against mothers that bottle feed.But some of you need to admit that there are a lot of mothers out there that turn to bottle feeding just because the can't be bothered breast feeding. For example mothers that supplement their babies night feeds for formula because they don't want to get up during the night. I realise that some people do this because their milk sipply has dropped but as long as your baby is sucking your supplying milk to them. Sure it may take a little longer for them to get their feed but they will get it eventually. I have nights with my bub that she is on for half an hour. As for some of the comments thatt the tables will turn and that bottle will be sest I disagree in the whole history of humanity bottle feeding has never been said to be better for a baby. The only situation that it would be was if the mothers milk was no good and the baby was a failure to thrive. I'm not trying to upset anyone and i understand that some mothers honestly can't breastfeed. I hear so many mothers say my milk dried up or there just wasn't enough. There are so many ways to increase your milk supply whether doing it your self or will a little help say an injection of maxilon or maxilon tablets. Anyway not trying to upset anyone. In the end it is every mothers decision and no other mother has the right to judge you. It is your child and your decision

Tiddles, Vic, 3/1/2006 dd

good on ya sossle.

Rebekah, baby Lachlan born 24/8/05


You don't owe me an apology.

I totally agree that all mums should atleast try to bf.

Sorry if I sounded aggressive.

I replied but went to the M0D...
Ana, that's awful! Well I can tell you that the reason you were able to feel pain in your abdo was probably due to the height of the infusion - the anaesthetist probably wouldn't do anything about it because it would have meant putting a new one in in a higher spot and prob didn't want to do that. Would have been nice of them to explain it to you though! I worked with an anaesthetist once who didn't believe in giving epidurals to labouring women. Even though I hope I would never have one I do believe it's the womans choice (unless it's a high risk situation for some reason). I argued black and blue with him but he wouldn't budge. Typical man... lol (although my hubby is begging me to get one this time but I refuse).

You poor thing!

Logan 03/05/05 Lily 06/11/06

Hey Ana - don't worry about it! His birthday was yesterday. We had a good day - swimming lessons and then visiting a friend, followed by dinner with the in laws. All good until bedtime tha is - think he's getting his first molar poor little thing. I ended up sleeping in his room with him (we have a spare double bed in there for that reason) all night poor little thing. Not nice on your birthday! My parents were up on Monday night and we had cake then. He was so funny with his cake - got some great pics!

Logan 03/05/05 Lily 06/11/06

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