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Bottle and water sterilising Lock Rss

Just wondering when other parents stopped sterilising bottles and boiling water for bottles. How old should the child be? I have two older children but I cant remember what I did with them!!!!!

CJ, NSW, girls aged 8, almost 3, 4 months


I stopped sterilising my 10 month old baby girls bottles when she started crawling, this was at 6 months. As who knows what they put in there mouths once they get on the move.

Di, SA 9mth baby


My son is now 7 months old. I only just stopped sterilising his bottles a couple of weeks ago and (thank God) we have had no problems at all. Just make sure you clean his bottles really well.

Hope it all goes well for you.

Mum to toddler

I still sterilize my son's bottles and utensils and he is 8 months. I just feel that it's etter safe than sorry. I buy 'Nobles' water for him as it is one of the purist on the market and about $6 for ten litres. It lasts him ages. I live in Cairns and Guardia is quite common here so I will probably use this water for him for a while - I boil all my own water twice! I'm lucky I am still breastfeeding so I don't need to use bottles too often.
I agree with Di i have only started at 10 months not sterlising bottles as once they start moving around they find anything and it goes in the mouth even dead bugs. I personally think that if you are too clean the baby won't build up an immune system and therefore may be sick alot more than other babies. I am no expert but i am speaking sort of out of experience as this happened to my sister.
I hope this helps you.

BRA QLD 6yo & 4 yo girls

I want to thank everyone who has responded. You have helped me a lot. I am going to wait until she is crawling around because as most of u have said they put everything in their mouths anyway so it would seem pointless to boil the water.
To Tanitha, (Ezra's mum) does your bottled water contain fluoride? Babies need to have fluoride in their water. Apparently, the more people who rely on bottled water to drink, the more teeth problems we are going to have again in society. I rread this in a book somewhere.
Thanks again everyone!!!!!

CJ, NSW, girls aged 8, almost 3, 4 months

No, it has no fluride. However our water in Cairns isn't flurodated either. I will have to look into this, thanks.
Hi Tanith

I read in another topic somewhere that you can buy fluoride drops. I don't know if this helps.

Hi Tanith.
I live in Cairns too. I only started drinking filtered water a year ago as we got a great filter for a wedding present. I was surprised to hear you boil your own water twice before drinking!! I always drink tap water.
I still boil my bubs water in a pot on the stove. She is 7 mths.
Is water boiled in a jug ok to use for the baby?? I was never sure about this.
Hi Sue,
I breastfed so my son never needed boiled water. However, I suspect boiling in a jug may not be ideal as most jugs these days switch off as soon as they hit boil, which doesn't maintain the level of heat required for the time to kill off the bugs. Check with your child's health person on this one (I remember reading it somewhere, but that may have just been relating to sterilization rather than drinking it).
Best of luck

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Hi Sue, I've only used jug water once or twice for Ezrah and it was at my mums place at Babinda and it was rain water. I'm probably a bit over the top boiling my water twice but I've got friends who are always getting guardia and their doctor told them that boiling it once often wasn't enough to kill the germs.

Up until I had Ezrah I always had the 'Neverfail' water in the dispenser at home but I just can't afford it now so I've gone to boiling. I've always bought the 'Nobles' water for Ezrah from the start - I think I'm just a bit paranoid after seeing my friend's kids with the guardia. The way Ezrah carries on in the bath and the pool I'm sure he swallows heaps of that water and it hasn't seemed to hurt him! But you know how us mums can be hey.
hey hows it goin???? i was wondering the same thing my lil girl is 11 months old and iam still doing it , better to be safe than sorry, iam also a bit slack its hard to break the routine of being so clean.....with my other son who is now 8 i stopped at 12 months ... seeya smile

kylie (30) from munno para

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