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Why routine feed? Lock Rss

Hi everyone

As some of you know I'm writing a support book on all aspects of breastfeeding and I'm including a chapter about routine feeding as opposed to the more dominent demand feeding. I want to include a list of reasons about why some mums choose to routine feed. If anyone has any to offer, please post them below!! And if anyone has any routine feeding stories they would like to contribute to my book, please email me at [email protected]


Rach, WA, Hamish 11mths

My bub was a snack feeder, so if I demand fed, I was feeding every 20 minutes! I had to drag his feeds out to at least 2 hourly or otherwise I would get nothing done. That way, he was more likely to have more. I could never drag him out to 4 hourly though until he started solids.


My first was bottle fed on the most expensive formula I could get (she was allergic to dairy) and I routine fed her mostly so I wouldnt waste too much formula and since it was my first baby it seemed the eaisest thing to do, I could go out and know what time she would need to be fed (for convinence) if I left her with anybody I could give clear instructions about when to feed her and I knew exactly how much she was having and how often she would feed.

My second bubs is breastfed on demand which suits me now as she fits in with my toddlers activities and I can never remember what time I last fed her anyway.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

I have "routine" fed from the start as my little boy was a very sleepy and content baby and never woke up for feeds. I also had a lot of trouble with him putting on weight because of low milk supply so had to make sure he was getting in plenty of feeds through the day. We used the principles from a book called "On Becoming Baby Wise". It is a great book about teaching your baby to sleep through the night. It uses a technique called Parent Directed Feeding which is a mix of routine and demand feeding techniques. You use your baby's queues along with recommended timings between feeds and make a choice how to respond to your baby. Well worth a read if you are writing a book on feeding.

Bridgette, NSW, 4 yr old boy + new baby girl

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