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Dad being away for extended period of time Lock Rss

My husband tends to travel alot with work. He currently has been away 1 week and is not back for another 2 weeks.

I'm worried what effect this will have on my 8 month old daughter, as she lately has been SO excited to see him when he comes home from work-she screams when he walks in the door!

Is there any chance she will forget him?
Is there anyone else in the same sort of situation?
my partner is away for a few weeks too. it used to be like that when i was pregnant where he'd go away for 2-4 weeks and it was very hard for me to be without him at that time but he told me he wouldnt have to go away to work anymore once i had our son. but he has gone again, this time i'm not sure for how long, he says he doesnt know. but i have to go where he is for the long weekend to spend easter with him.

now i get the feeling that its gonna be more frequent as the months go on, him going away for weeks at a time. which i'm not happy about.

lucky, our son is just 4 months old so he cant really forget his dad but i'm worried also like you sossle that when he is older and his dad has to go away that he may forget who he is.

Hey sossle your little darling daughter will never forget her dad and its great that she gets all excited when she see her dad and I bet he misses you and your daughter like crazy.

My partner is just starting to go away for work and he leaves on this Tuesday coming so im not looking towards it but he is away for 2 weeks and home 3 days so its going to be hard for awhile me and Jaye but I hope it goes fast.

What does your husband done? if you dont mind me asking?

Chat soon.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09


I dont think she will forget him.. She is old enough know to recognise and remember people so I am sure she will not forget her dad!

Maybe you could have a picture of him which you show her regulary while he away that way she can still see him on the photo and if he calls get him to talk to her on the phone so she hears his voice.

Bet she will be SSOOOO excited to see him when he comes home!

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