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is there any evidence to suggest what the minimum time a father should spend with their baby during the first 6 months?
I don't know of any hard evidence, but I would say that this is just a very personal thing. I think that it's good for a a father to spend as much time as possible with their baby so that you both get to know eachother. Even just doing things little things like changing their nappy, dressing them and bathing them helps to develop a bond.

Laura, NSW, excited new mother

i don't know about any evidence that a father should spend a minimum amount of time with their baby, but having had my second son 6 months ago, my husband is constantly being occupied by our 2yr old. As such, he hasn't spent a lot of time with the baby, but they still share an extremely strong bond.
I actually read when I was pregnant that a baby can reconise it's fathers voice from hearing it in the womb, I don't know how true this is, but I do know that even though my husband works long hours, our 8 month old knows exactly who he is. I do think it's important for dads to spend as much time with their babies as they can, not only for bonding, but also to help mum out. Long gone are the days when changing nappies was womans work. It's a real buzz for my husband when he gets home from work, and our son goes wizzing over to him on all fours grinning from ear to ear.

Rena, NSW, 8 month old

My husband was actually told at work by a collegue that during the first 12 months men are only supposed to earn the money while the women take care of the baby. I was really worried at first because they cant really do much with the baby and they get frustrated with themselves but now that our son is approaching 9 months and can crawl and walk holding onto something.They spend so much time together that I have to tear them apart. My son cant wait for his dad to get home from work because he knows he can crawl all over him.

Sonya, WA,9mth baby

My partner works all week, and as soon as he gets home he plays with our son. I want my partner to be involved as much as posibble, as I dont work, im home all day with him, so once my partner has been in the shower, for 5 minutes, I strip my son off, and put him in the shower with him, & I think that is a great way 2 bond! & it gives me a chance to sit down or cook tea, with no interuptions.
I was told by a good number of people that bonding with my children was my first priority. I had very little choice in the matter partly because I fell in love with my daughters the minute I saw them for the first time, and my daughters happen to be twins. I quit my job so I could help my wife through the first 8 months. Now I'm working again, I look forward to those big smiles and cuddles when I arrive home each day and also take on the night shift so Mummy can get some rest from our beautiful girls. I also bath and change the girls nappies whenever I'm with them and do my share of the feeding routine. Bonding with our girls means taking every opportunity to spend time with them in their day-to-day routine.

Miracle Twins

Dear Barmy

Our daugher is 14 weeks old and from day 1 my husband changed nappies, bathed and dressed her, etc. He still does this without giving it another thought and usually fights me to do these tasks.

When he comes home from his daytime work, he and Madeline sit in his chair and chat and most times will dose off for an hour. I usually use this time to go for a walk along the beach and to have a little time for myself.

He also has a second job working from home, so after dinner he usually does a few hours and then will come up to put her to bed at around 9-10pm (if she is still awake then).

I think it is important for a father to bond with their children and spend as much time as possible together (without mum in view) so that they both don't become too dependent on mum.

It also helps to give me a break (especially at 3am some nights when I am absolutely exhausted and can't settle her).

There doesn't have to be a set amount of time. Use whatever time he can spare. We have now started giving Madeline a shower/bath in the 'big' bath, so this is another time for my husband to spend with her. They both love it!



My husband actually stays at home and looks after our son whilst I work. Even though I work 5 minutes from home and see our son quite a bit, I am amazed at how much they have bonded.

I know mum's already have that bond with their babies, but I think it is extremely important for dads to get involved as much as they can. I know that our son is very well looked after by my husband. he does such a wonderful job and he loves it.

My son Jack gets very upset if Dad leaves him for the day. He is always wanting to do what dad does and follows him everywhere. I think it is great.

So dads ignore those who tell you that it is women's work. It is very rewarding to see the dads get in and have a go.

Melissa, Forbes NSW

Yep, funny that,
My husband also stays at home looking after our nine month old daughter while I bring the bread home for the day.
It is wonderful to see how babies seem to bond extremely well with dads.
I do wish I also worked close to home like yourself, but instead, its close to an hour away.
The weekends and nights are my baby and my time together.
I don't know about you messysg1, but I felt kind of funny leaving him at the start to do mothering while I worked but its great to see him coping so well and our girl loves him to bits. Sounds as if your husband is also a wonderful carer.
How old is your baby?
My nine month old is going through a process of seperation anxiety and wakes from sleep a lot. We both do take turns in night jobs of caring for her as I feel he is getting the bad end of babys first year.
Tantrums and so on and yet, she still isn't showing signs of teething! A fun few months that have yet to come for him and her.
But I know they'll handle each other just fine.
Yay, and good on those who have swapped roles of mums and dads, it works great for us.

Just as rewarding.
I am not aware of any set time a dad should spend with their babies, basically I guess it comes down to ones lifestyle.

I have not met a father yet who is not a hands on dad! My husband gave our baby the 1st bath, changed the 1st nappy, wrapped her for the 1st time and still, 6 months later, is even more involved. He cant wait till he can give her a bottle and give her the comfort I can.

Let dad spend as much time as he wants to with your bub.

nance 1st mum 30/01/03

It's great to hear that so many dads are getting involved with their children at such an early age. Before our twins where born my husband and I decided that I would return to work when our babies where 6months old and then my husband would be the primary care giver for the next 6 months of their lives. Our babies are now 8 months old and love and respond to their dad and I and it is so lovely to watch the bond that has developed between them, they are happier to be with either of us or both of us and I know my precious babies are in good hands as my husband is just as capable and loving as I am.

Lil, 5mths

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