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Returnned to work and feeling guilty Lock Rss

I have a 5 month old daughter and 15 year old son. 2 months ago I had to return to work due to financial commitments.

Each day when I drop Sasha off at daycare I feel as though I'm letting her down as I stayed home with Jamie until he was off to school. I realise that the situation is different but would love to be able to spend the same time with her.

I would love to hear from other parents who have to face the same situation and to hear how they deal with the guilt.

Mum of 3 aged 17 & 2 and 3 days

Hi sashas mum,

My son is 10 motnhs and i have been back at work for 3 months now. I did feel very guilty to start with,but you have to do what is best for all of your family. I also take consilation in the fact that i know he is learning so much and will be getting great interaction skills. I have also found i am a lot happier within myself, as i really enjoy my time at work, and i think this makes for a happier mum, and more quality time with bub. Please dont feel bad for trying to do the best for your family.
My baby was in childcare when she was about seven months because i had school but dont feel bad, children need to see other children and they love playing and they also develop alot of things ealier like crawlign and talking because they want to copy the other kids !!!
And mums need a break as well!!!
When i get home from work ally is always so happy to see me and usually in a good mood and happily babble and tell me hwo her day was ( even if i cant understand some of what shes saying )
Don't feel bad for making ends meet smile your supporting your family thats what parents do smile
Hi there,

You asked how other parents dealt with their guilt. That would depend on what they felt guilty about.

I went back to work after I had my first bub.. not till she was nearly 18mths old but I should have done it earlier. It was the best thing for everyone.

I was earning money and my PND went away. Bub was making friends and doing craft etc which I never did with her due to the PND. If I knew going back to work would have made these difference I would have done it earlier.

With regards to the guilt about not doing it sooner, I just had to forgive myself and accept that all things happen for a reason.

My daughter became very well socialised and learnt so much at childcare that she started school a year early. Fear not all will work out the way its meant to if you just do what you know you have to do.

Whataheart - Girls16/1/00, 28/4/05 & 04/09/08

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