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Not having day bottles therefore wakes more at night:help Lock Rss

I have a 3 month old boy , and he has started not taking all his bottles during the day, therefore at night he is waking back to every 4 hours hungry again, I don't know how to reverse this does anyone have any ideas, the clinic sister says he will eat if his hungry but that doesn't help the bad routine we are forming at night, he used to sleep at least 5-7 hours going backwards is not much fun. I have tried resettling at night but he keeps waking its very hard because he is obviously hungry.
Any suggestions would be extremly greatful.

Bek NSW 10mth boy

Hi Bec,
Try giving him a teaspoon of very runny rice cereal before he goes to bed. This may fill his tummy up a little more, and therefore, hopefully he will sleep a little longer and go back to drinking his bottle through the day, and sleeping through the night. If he likes the rice cereal, but is still waking, try increasing the amount you give him, but make sure it stays a runny mixture until he gets used to eating it. As it is only rice, he shouldn't have any reactions. Rice is very safe to give to young babies. Hope this works for you.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi Jazziesmum
I have a 4 month old bub who is still varying in routine (if there is such thing)
For a while he would wake every 2 hours then it seemed every 5 hours...lately its been about every 3 or 4 so i think if you are getting 4 hour intervals at night its fine...even if it feels like a step backwards.
And it could change any day now...u just never know!
I just wanted to add that their little tummys empty so quickly, at this stage they are ruled by hunger so chances are when they wake its because of hunger pains.
Just go with the flow and feed him when ever he wants, I know with my bub his not very open to compromise in this area!
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