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I have been told a few different ages for when it is ok to start babies on cows milk. Can anyone tell me for certain how old babies need to be. Thank You
Anyone in child health and care will tell you to wait till they are 1 year old before you give them straight cows milk. You can start giving them cows milk at 8 months on cereal.
I have 3 kids, and all of them were breast fed babies. I started them on cows milk when they were all 6.5 - 7 months of age. I give 50% milk and 50% boiled water, and give them a vitamin called pentavite (brought from the chemist). It didn't hurt my older two kids (now 10 and 8 years) and my almost 8 month old ( who at the moment only has cows milk at lunch) loves it. Health professionals will tell you not to give cows milk to babies under 1 year, but make up your own mind. My kids are all healthy.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi mum_of_twins,
My M&CH nurse gave me a handout that says babies can be started on cows milk after 1 year of age. My understanding is that their systems are not developed enough to digest it before this age & there is also a risk of developing allergies.
Good luck!
Hi there my twins, now 5yrs were only put on cows milk when they were 1yr old. but its your choice in the end as the cost and readyness of it all comes into it as well. I beleive that formula or breast milk has alot more vitamins and minerals in them compared to cows milk. I have 7 month old boy now and my sister keeps telling me to change him to cows milk and I wont not until he is at least 10 -11 months before I will even think about doing it but in the end its your choice as to what will suit you and the babies good luck with your choice.

Dianne SA
Hi Tash,
All my kids went onto cows milk and pentavite vitamins from 6.5 -7months of age. None of my kids have any health problems or allergies, other then my daughter who is allergic to penicillian. This was diagnosed before she had her first taste of cows milk, so her allergy is not related to her having cows milk. The only reason health professionals say not to give them cows milk until they are over 12 months, is because it doesn't contain enough vitamins like iron. This is why you should give a supplement like pentavite. It can be a little hard for some babies to tolerate, which is why you should dilute it 50/50 until they are at least 12 months of age. My older son was draining me at 7 months of age and still wanted more. We tried him on more then half a dozen different formulas, but he wouldn't drink any. Out of sheer desperation, we tried diluted cows milk, only to find he loved it! Good luck with what ever you chose to do. As I said, I have 3 perfectly healthy kids who all had cows milk under 12 months of age.

Mother of 3, Qld

The short and simple answer is 12 months old. Little under developed tummies cannot digest cows milk properly, which can cause allergies and problems.

Just remember that a 12 month old soley fed cows milk will become iron deficient, there are toddler supplements that you can add to cows milk for added iron and minerals.

Hope this helps smile
health professionals say 12mths for full cream because they need all that fat but it has not enough vitamins and too much protein to give it to them any earlier and 24mths for low fat milk my son was breastfed for 18mth & then went on karicare toddler until he was 2 & a half. if it is cost that bothers you remember that after twelve mths the toddler formulas from karicare and heinz nurture are only about $2 dearer a week per baby than cows milk for that reason alone i kept buying the formula for rickson & with the twins i don't have enough milk to feed them all the time but i give them nearly half of their feeds which saves alot of money.
love to hear from you,

Tanya, had 3 boys under 26 months

I know that I put my first two kids on cows milk at 1 year of age, 50% milk 50% water, it had to be boiled so that the milk could be broken down for the babies to digest it properly and there was also an amount of brown sugar added. I also gave pentavite drops for the vitamin content..

I was wondering though if anyone had the exact recipe for doing the milk this way as I have all my belongings in storage as we have just moved states.


Bec, ACT, 3 bundles of joy

i started my daughter on half milk half water at 6 months and work that in with formula and gradually phased out formula
there is nuthin wrong with my gal and she is developing at a rate of knots
all this stuff is rubbish about waiting till 1 yr
my mum put me on cows milk (watered down) at 4 months and there is nuthin wrong with me and now i cant get enough of the stuff
i drink it like there is no tommorrow

it is truely up to u
no one can tell u what is right for the child unless they are with them 24 7
and if u bub dosnt like it and dosnt settle no one said u cant go back to formula and try again later

DD may 03, DS oct 06

What were babies given before formula. Each to their own i say.
Hey ladies, those of you that have given your children cows milk from around 6months of age.. How were your kids poos lol and the liquid vitamin did u drop it in once a day? Also did you feed them cows milk on demand?
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