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Solids Refusal! Lock Rss

I am new to the site and I was hoping that someone could help me with my problem. My 6 mth old is refusing to eat his solids. I started him on solids around 4.5 mths and he was doing really well eating a variety of fruit and vegies and now he is going through a stage where he will hardly eat anything. He will eat my stewed apples and pears and a mashed banana. He doesn't like my pureed vegies now and used to love them. I can get him to eat canned food, but sometimes will come out in a rash from them, so I can't always give him those. He will clamp his mouth shut when he doesn't want to eat or start crying and trying to wriggle out of the highchair.

Does anyone have any tips on getting my bub back into the swing of things and eating his solids?

Jenni, Vic, Baby boy

Hi Jenni,

I have a 7mth old son who has done a similar thing with refusing solids. Generally if he is just refusing one or two meals out of three a day and still drinking all is bottles I don't panic too much because he is still gaining weight. However, he suffers from urine infections and one of the ways I know he has one is he refuses all his solids. Also if he starts refusing a meal I put him on the floor to play for 10mins and try again if he still refuses I leave it.
You mentioned your son gets rashes with some foods. Have you spoken to your GP or Paediatrician about whether he may have food allergies?

I hope thing sort themselves out.
Thanks Ailsa.

After I posted the message my son got his 1st tooth, so I presume he went off his solids because of his teething, but now he is back eating his solids again and he loves them. I am giving him a variety of food with no allergic reactions (so far).

Thanks again.

Jenni, Vic, Baby boy

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