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How do I attach a rusk? Lock Rss

My son has just chewing/sucking on rusks and he loves them, but when he waves his arms around he will drop it sometimes. My hubbie says we will have to drill a hole in one end and then thread a piece of string through it and tie it to his dummy clip or something. I'm very tempted, but don't know what else to do. They are so expensive I don't like the idea of throwing them out once they hit the floor. Any other ideas?
I am having the same problem although apart from your idea of drilling the hole (which would be painful having to do that all the time yourself) i don't think there is a way of keeping them from throwing them about. The only alternative is to make your own rusks which obviously cost a heap less than buying them. You can also spread vegemite over home made ones apparently which are supposed to be great too.
Hi there, what I do with my girl’s rusks or any food is I have a play/feeding mat under their high chairs and it works a treat. Except of course those unexpected times when one of them throws it further a field **Must be trying out for baseball hehehe** but honestly get a mat from places like the baby factory, auction sites, trade and exchange etc.. They are great, so easy to wipe and once they are finished with the food throwing stage they can be used for play doh playing etc.. smile good luck smile

Michelle mum of 4

Hi there Ange,
no idea how to attach a rusk (hubby is still trying to come up with something!) But I noticed you also posted about AR formulas, have you tried arnotts gingernuts instead of rusks??? My mother suggested it as James also has reflux and the ginger seems to help. She said that they were what mothers used before you could buy rusks. It has to be arnotts ones though as they are soooooo hard. Just a thought, my boy loves them but watch out for the mess!

Mares, VIC, 5yr old James and 2 yr old Michael

Hi Michelle and Mares,
I actually do have a messy mat but it doesn't help much when you are out in the pram or moving the highchair around the house.

I ahve been thinking in the past few days about introducing biscuits - arrowroot, etc. That's a good idea about the gingernut. I love them too and they were great for my morning sickness. We might start that.


Hi Ange,
my son is six months old and I have exactly the same problem with rusks (and he was getting really frustrated), but yes the good old Arnotts Milk Arrowroot works for us. He loves them and finds them alot easier to keep a hold of. He also seems to manage any lumps or chunks he gets off them pretty well as they dissolve in his mouth (which is a good thing since he doesn't have any teeth yet!!). Good Luck.

Carina, Tas.

Hi Taz i agreed with you, my son is 7 months old and i tried rusks he put it in his mouth then on the floor it went. So we tried Arrowroot Biscuits he loves them and it doesn't go on the floor (wonder why?). And they are alot cheaper and i would say taste a whole lot nicer. Forget the rusks.cheers Debbie
I've found thick pieces of bread (my bub loves wholemeal) baked in the oven (110 degrees) for about 1 hour are a cheap and effective rusk. Some mums have also suggested a thin spread of vegemite before baking improves the taste. I bake serveral slices at a time and then store then in a air tight container. I hope my suggestion helps smile
I've heard that thick pieces of bread are the best rusks (after you bake them!) because you obviously know what's in them (bread). Of course, they're dead cheap too!

And I'm also a bit suspicious about using arrowroot and gingernut biscuits because of the sugar content of them. If your baby is constantly sucking on a sugary biscuit then that probably wouldn't be too good for their teeth. (Even though arrowroots aren't all that tasteful to us, I checked it out and each biscuit has 1.8g of sugar)

I don't know all that much really about biscuits - this is all stuff that i've been told by the nutrition specialists at my health clinic, so I don't mean to offend anyone - just passing on information given to me.

Hannah (3 yrs) and Harry's (born 22/7) Mum! QLD

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