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moving from puree to mash how do i do it? Lock Rss

My 8 month old won't eat mashed food he just gags and then spews i've tried mixing puree with mashed and it still doesn't work, he just spews it all up i'm starting to get worried as he isn't eating very much, i'm still to scared to give him any finger foods PLEASE anyone HELP i feel as though i'm starving my child.

NSW Riley and Owens mummy

I feel for you! Its not easy. Do you use canned food or make some of your own? i found that when I went from the pureed canned food to the mashed ones Noah gagged too, so i had to whizz them. But with making my own food it wasnt so much that i increased the lumps as such, more that I didnt add as much liquid to the food to make it smoother, I gave him thicker food and then slowly started with lumpier bits, I found that pasta was quite good as a lumpy food. i use one of those stick blenders so you can see how much you are blending it.

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jes and Noah

Jes, NZ, Noah 10mnths

Hi there, I had a friend whose 10 month and 3yr old were terrible gaggers. They just had a very sensitive gag reflex, and yes they would chuck up all their meal if they gagged. This maybe something that your little one has too. I t can be messy but you are going to have to start introducing different textures and bubs is going to have to learn to chew/mush the food before swallowing. Try soft finger foods such as cooked apple, bananas, cooked vegies. Break of pieces and pop them in bubs mouth, while letting bub play with the food.....lots of mess but great fun for bub.
Hope you can get through this without going around the bend. It will be messy, but bubs will learn what to do as time goes on. Just keep his milk feeds up and intro the problem food at the start of a meal, so if he chucks you can still give pureed/runny food to fill him up.


i am hoping you can help me I have a 11 month old boy and he wont eat anything that is lumpy. I have just started making my own vegies for him but he wont eat it. I have even tried the tins for his age and still he wont eat it. He will only eat the tins for 4 mth old babies. Is there an easier way

libby,NSW,10mth baby

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