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Food routine anyone? Lock Rss

My daughter is 5months and we have been on rice cereal for breakfast and dinner.

I have tried sweet potato but she only took a few bites and left it..i didn't realise that this is what they initially do! She has tried banana custard and loves this! i would like to start giving her some more vegies and fruit.. would it be too much to give her

rice cereal for brekkie
fruit or vegetable at lunch and then
rice cereal or a vegie for dinner?
Plus normal milk?

i know it sounds heaps but she's only taking a few teaspoons of each..
The advice I've received is to start of with one solids meal a day for one week, then add another meal the next week and finally a third meal the week after that. I've just started my six month old bub on solids and he's eating a few teaspoons of fruit in the morning (apple or pear) and a few teaspoons of vegies in the evening.
How are things progressing 'lids' ? Within 2 weeks of my DD starting solids (6 months) she was on 3 lumpy meals a day. I was so lucky, she just took to solids like a duck to water.

I like the other mums suggestions, build it up over a week or so. Until about 9 months all you are really doing is teaching them to eat, getting them use to different taste/texture and testing for allergies/reactions. As long as you time it right so as not to replace breast/formula - then you can't go too wrong.

My DD also had bad constipation with rice cereal so I was keen to get a few other foods into her to balance it all out a bit. Keep offering the other foods, like sweet potato - your DD will more than likely come around. As their taste buds are so new, even what seems like bland food to us, tastes strong to them.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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