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Baby boy just decided to stop wanting his bottle! Help and advice please!!!! Lock Rss

My boy is 14 weeks old now and over the last week or so has gone from having approx 140-170 mls per bottle to only wanting 100-110 maybe. He is a big boy (just shy of 7 kilo's) and i dont think he has lost any weight...should i be concerned? This is my first baby and any advise would help! His routine has changed also lately. He used to sleep through the night and now he is waking at 2am and then at 4am and not wanting to go back to sleep! He has become really fussy! Help......any other baby's out there with the same problem???

Thanks Ren

mum to Zachary born 5/1/06

I don't really have any ideas about your baby boy refusing his bottle (maybe he isn't needing as much milk as he isn't going through a growth spurt), but as far as waking throughout the night..... my daughter (now 8.5 mths) did a bit of that when she was your baby's age. Are you feeding him when he wakes during the night? If so (this is what I did - and it is hard at first) try not to. Instead pick him up and try to settle him, then out him down and swaddle him (this stops him waving his arms and legs around and keeping himself awake), then turn him on his side and lightly pat his bottom in a slow monotomous rhythm. He'll probably hate it at first but after a while of screaming he'll eventtually settle down. It took me 50 mins one night to settle my bub, now she sleeps right through and she's teething and all.

Apparently if you feed them in the middle of the night they are then trained to wake as they know they're going to get a feed. If you eliminate the feeds during the night and try settling them - they soon grow tired of waking as they know there's not going to be any milk.

Also I follow the feed - play - sleep routine. And never put bub to sleep by feeding.

Try this and see how things go. It does get VERY trying, but in my case it was well worth it.

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