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HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

Hi my son doesn't seem to eat very well he used to eat a whole jar of baby food for breakfast nibble at things all day and have a big tea now he hardly touches his food. He is going through the teething process would this be making him lose his appetite? Will he get it back? and what can i do for now? He his a breastfeed baby he will have a tit but want eat solids? Any ideas?
My son is breastfed and when he is teething he sometimes does get a bit fussy with his food. He still takes all his breastfeeds though. If he is otherwise happy and still having plenty of wet nappies I wouldn't be too concerned, I'm sure it will pass. Just keep up with the breastfeeds so he doesn't get dehydrated. Sometimes my son takes extra breastfeeds while he's teething. If you are concerned about his health maybe talk to your child health nurse or doctor, I'm sure they'll put your mind at ease.

Thanks im just glad to know that he isnt the only one that does that thank you for your reply you have put my mind at ease.
hiya i was in the same boat as you a couple of weeks ago,, i was pulling my hair out!!!!! why isnt she eating... ???? i put it down to teething.... (the dreaded teething....) my lil girl is also waking a lot during the night being real sooky,so lack of sleep has been a issue sad but if it continues for more than a couple of weeks id get him checked out just to ease my mind smile take care......

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