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HELP!!!! Won't eat his solid at all. Lock Rss

Hi to all mums out there.

My second child is now 7 months old. I have tried giving him solid at 5 1/2 months because he has eczema. For nearly a month and a half I have tried and tried to give him solid and he just refuses it. He would purses his lip tight and would not even give anything a try. I have tried potatoes, pumpkins, pears and heinze baby cereal, he just won't eat anything. He is now seven months and had not had a single meal without a fight or is happy and willing to eat. When I managed to force the food in he would stick it out again with his tougue. I don't know what is wrong with him.

Can anyone give me some tips, I'm desperate to get him on solid but with no vail. I'm afraid he is lacking on nutrition as he is not eating enough on nutrient.

Your advices are very much appreciated.

do you give solids after a breast/bottle feed? if so, how long do you wait before offering solids? Have you spoken with a dr or health nurse?
The other thing to consider is that you may be getting worked up/stressed everytime you have to feed him and he is picking up on it.
Can someone else feed him solids for you until you can both calm down?
sorry for all the q's, would you rather talk on email?

Vic, 2 girls - 9 yo & 17mth old

I had a little trouble introducing my son to solids as he wouldn't take it off the spoon. I bought a different spoon to see if this might've affected him and presto, instant guts. The new one I got was from Heinz baby and was under $6 for two in a pack.
Hope this helps.

member since 2004

Hi I am having similar problems with my 6 month old. Solids just seem to make her clamp up and get unhappy. She does seem to enjoy a rusk and I have taken to dipping her rusk into whatever I'm trying to give her. Probably the wrong thing to do and very messy but at least it gets something into her system. I also worry about the iron thing but also wonder if I should just give it away for a few days and try again later. Who knows?
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My 6 month old daughter is the same, she will have some of her cereal but refuses the vegies and meats, occasianly she will suprise me and eat but most of the time she is not interested at all, my health nurse suggested i try one type of solid for a week even if she hates it keep giving the same one for a week so she can get used to the taste and she will relise that this is all she is having and she will learn to eat.

Lidia, Vic, Baby Girl

Don't know if this will help but I only started to offer Poppy solids when she got interested herself. I just noticed that she was watching very closely when anyone was eating around her, sometimes even making lip-smacking sounds. I let her taste stuff I was eating in a really casual way eg yoghurt on my finger or crumbs of bread to get her more interested. Then I tried baby rice mixed with breast milk and Heinz rusks- she went nuts!
I have to agree with the post above RE stressing though- if you make eating an issue, babies pick up on it and it becomes a stand-off. Its hard not to stress about it but maybe you could sneak up on it by trying a different place in the house or playing music- when Poppy's not eating well I find distraction is my best weapon- she doesn't even realize I'm shovelling it in!
Hope this helps, don't give up!
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