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Im not sure if i would call her my DD at the moment, but none the less... She is going to bed at around 7pm and waking up at around 5am, getting out and playing. shes dosnt go to sleep straight away when shes put in her big girl bed and when she wakes up in the morning, shes waking up her 2yr old brother up as well. Im 36 weeks pregnant, so im a little tired as it is, let alone to be dealing with a little girl who throws so many tantrums during the day cause shes so tired. She has bags under her eyes, but refuses to go for a day sleep. Yesterday alone, i had to march her back to her room 3 times (i had told her she still needed to go to her room in the afternoon, even if she didnt sleep, just for some quiet time) My DH is in Adelaide where we're moving next week, but im not sure i can last 5 more days of this. any one have ANY advice?

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You have described my DD to the letter LOL At the moment I am trying to put DS2 down for a sleep and get DS2 dressed from his bath and get him to sleep too. DD is still being "foghorn leghorn" and refusing to have a sleep and is runnung away from me. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! DP usually works in the arvo and doesn't get home til 11pm but there is no work for him today and he is not exactly being helpful (playing with them 'cause he's usually not here to play in arvo's)- adding to my frustration as they will think they can do it tomorrow when he is at work! The only thing I have found works at the moment is having her play in her bedroom while I get the boys off to sleep, then get her to sleep - sometime's I have to sit/lay down with her until she's asleep but she's sooooooo tired it only takes a few minutes and then she sleeps longer than both the boys.
you could try putting her to bed a little later. I know if mine go to sleep by 7 there is no chance they will sleep right through. Some kids don't need the whole 12 hours either. Mine normally go to bed at 7:30-8 and wake 6:30-8 depending on how much sleep they need at the time. The 2 yr old seems to need less sleep then the 4 year old, I assume because most days she has a 2hour day sleep.
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