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wot do i do now??? Lock Rss

ok so everyone prob knows jackson wont sleep in arvo.ok so today he woke at 6am back stretched him out til 9am 1hr longer than usual.he screamed 15mins then slept nearly 1 and a half my question now is do i put him to bed at 1pm or 140pm 3hrs from the time he woke.he is 10mths old.plz someone reply i need help.
Hi Rochelle
my bub is only 5mths so its a little different but im following tizzie hall routines and this is what she suggests for your aged bub.
bottle/breast at 7
breakfast at 8
sleep 9.30
bottle breast 11
lunch 12
sleep 1.30
so how long does he normally stay up between feeds ect...
hope this may have helped you

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months

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