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I have a five month old baby boy who protests when he is falling asleep, he sleeps through the night most nights and even sleeps well through the day, it's just getting him to actually fall asleep thats the problem! He will cry a minimum 10 minutes and has even cried for up to 50 before finally nodding off! I've tried everything to help soothe him from dummys, feeding, swaddling, rocking and just leaving him to get on with it! No matter what I do he just isn't happy at sleep time and it breaks my heart to hear him cry so much! Any advice would be much appreciated!

DD went through this horrible stage when trying to settle her at night. She would go down ok, then within a few minutes - some-times upto 10/15, would wake and cry. This went on for a few months too, very frustrating. We tried every-thing, but all that worked was a feed - then she would go down without a problem. It wasn't about hunger either, she just wanted that extra comfort. During that time we tried all the tricks, music, lights, patting (etc) but nothing seemed to work. Then, out of the blue she just stopped doing it.

I'm really stuck for advice in your situation. No doubt you have tried every-thing, over and over. Its a hard age too as they say things like control crying aren't effective as they dont quite have the mental capacity to understand (at 5 months I mean).

Do you think its a separation anxiety type thing? Does your bub get any colic? Just thinking that DD use to have bad tummy pain, which we eventually linked to a food allergy. Hmmm - I'm lost sweetie, sorry - trying to think outside the box.... I know, I'll have another easter egg and think a bit longer - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

mu bub went through this stage as well.
there was nights when i was up till 10 with her asleep in my arms because i was too scared to put her down because she'd scream.
one day i'd had enough i put her in her cot and told my partner i was having a shower and NOT to pick her up
when i got out of the shower she was asleep
it was if she was actually sick of me holding her???
but it was also something that she grew out of
its a difficult stage when we're still trying to figure out the best approach to sleep,and yes we all do it differnently.we started controlled crying 2 nites ago as a last resort and hey Lillie sleept through last night
its hard i know but all i can offer is support

Lillie....1 year old!!!

i have a 5 week old who is the same. we have discussed him having reflux, colic, or behavioural problems. yesterday i changed to goats milk formula and hoping he will settle (cows milk is often hard to digest and can also cause intolerance/allergies to some). i find that i am trying to teach him to self settle as he is almost 6 kilos already and my arm is literally going to fall off. i know he is young to be controlled crying, but i wouldnt call what i do that. if he starts crying loudly i go to him, but if he just grizzles i leave him for a little longer before going in and letting him kow that i am still near. it was hard to hear him cry, so i would take my monitor and go have a shower, wash up the dishes or just do something that didnt make 1 minute feel like 10 minutes. i often came charging out of the shower to go comfort him! thank goodness i only live with my husband, running down the hallway naked and dripping isnt a great site!!
sleeping seems to be the biggest issue (along with feeding) and when you read all the threads you realise you arent alone (which doesnt make you anymore frustrated when it has been 50 minutes and the next feed is approaching!).
keep peservering with whatever makes you comfortable. i have also called Karitane at 4am in the morning and they were very nice!
p.s dont ever listen to those people who say they have the perfect baby who never cries and always sleeps (no ofence if you have one of those children!) but once we all get through these stages with our baby i am sure all this fuss and bother will be a distant memory (kind of like labour!) and we will tell everyone how perfect our babies were too, especially to all our friends who have newborns when we have one that sleeps through! (well that is my fantacy land!!)

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