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coping with a baby and a shift working partner Lock Rss

hi maxinel
finally someone who really knows what it feels like
just curious who does he work for
it is even harder when they do overtime and neva get a day off at all
and their days off aint really days off are they? they usually go to work that night
so i hear ya sweetie

DD may 03, DS oct 06

hi mandy,
my husband works for blue scope in Port Kembla or formaly know as B.H.P.
What about you?
How are you coping with lifestyle.


jack3y1/2 jade1

hey maxinel
my partner works for 'masterfoods australia new zealand' i asked because i thought your husband may work for them too. i have had to put up with the shift work since i meet him as he worked with them for a year b4 i came to meet him.
its hard at first he would have 'sickies' just so we could spend more time with me because we were so in love (you know food poisoning although he did get it once) but now things have totally changed now i am lucky to see him and i think it really effects charlee cos she knows when dada not home and gets a bit crabby
they are really pushin for the '4 on/4 off' roster to come back it would be so much better because if he wanted to work overtime he would still have a day off
anyway enough blab
do you have msn
we should chat
byes mandi

DD may 03, DS oct 06

sorry for not repling
i know how you feel it is impossible
have you been in trouble off the inlaws cos their little boy looks tired
i get that alot

DD may 03, DS oct 06

After reading these replies it sounds like the males are using shift work as an excuse. My partner and I are both shift workers, police people, you can always find time if you want too. I bet you felt alone even before kids came along. It is a good excuse tried on by too many people, "I am tired because I am a shift worker." We have and still always make time for each other and now our family even if our lives are all over the place time wise. Don't accept shift working as an excuse.

Baby: Jessika

hi everyone

i would just like to thank u all for being involved in my forum but unfortunately due to figtin and not gettin alone my partner and i have made a mutual decision to split which means no more computer access

thanku again and i hope u all sort things out and lead a happy and forfillin life

ohh and dont worry i may find happiness in this life cos i know it is out there somewhere

goodbye and god bless

DD may 03, DS oct 06

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