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had such a bad day Lock Rss

hi well after feelin over the moon that my baby girl slept thru the nite last nite (she is 15 wks slept6pm to 5am)my son whi is 3 never did that till he was 22 mths i even spoke about this on another post.i had the most awful day makes me just cry and cry .1st of all i have a bad cold and feel so lousy and so tired my eyes feel like they arer goin to explode my wee girl wld just not settle today wld only do a few catnaps which made her overtired and very cranky crying a lot not like her she settles very well on her own even had trouble getting her to sleep tonite have never had trouble before and then my hubby who wks away a lot went off yesterday so left to deal with it all and my son wanting me all day between the 2 of them i feel like im having a break down and take it out on my soon i lose my patience really easy with him esp when try get baby to sleep and hes been noisy etc i just feel like **** have no one to help me this always seems to happen when hubby is away nothing is a problem when hes here and although my son is not doing anything naughty he just annoys me at times makes me feel so bad i just love him to death we are so close prob cos its always me mostly just me and him all the time.but i find it so easy to fly off the handle and i feel so angry that my hubby mum cant offer to come over and help out i have no family here she only ever comes to see the kids which isnt to often these day s(shes so busy)we get on fantastic i really luv her but it controls my mind when im feelin like this that she cant ever come give me hand has been like this for i being unreasonable when she nos im here on my own with a new baby and toddler just trying to egt thru the day.i said to my hubby on phone before i dont even want to wake up tomoro so i dont have to face another day on my own i esp hate the wkends.everyone else is busy with their own families to worry about us.i can go for days without seeing another even though my wee girl slept thru i still had my usual 3-4 hrs sleep which was all broken up as my son woke twice my cold was making me uncomfortable and i wooried about her when i kept waking if she was ok as she usually wakes uo 2-3 times in the nite.just have to get this off my chest when she doesnt settle i get very upset and then i just think about everything and just cry .

shell 4yr old & 16mth

Hi Shelley,
I feel so bad for you. Poor bugga, do not feel like you are alone. We all can get so snappy and feel bad when we have not had enough sleep. Also doesn't help when you are feeling crappy.
Have you ever been to a playgroup or anything like that? It is a way to meet ither Mums, and the kids can see others and play (or usually fight!) with them.
Also are you able to get them out and about ok? I would suggest going swimming or something else that wears them out, going to the park also does the trick, all that fresh air etc. Sometimes you can meet others just getting talking at the weekends, a little adult conversation (even if about ur kids) is better than none.
The best you can do is try and be as calm as you can with the kids, as they are more likely to do what you want then (i.e. sleep thru the nite) I know this is easy to say, but whenever I feel he is annoying me I just think to myself that he didn't ask to be born, I decided that, and I want him to have a great childhood. It usually works.
As for your hubby and Mil, they aren't around so you need to be able to cope without them, that is a fact. Not what you want, but once you feel better you will be fine I'm sure. If you can manage to get thru the weekend feeling ropey, you can manage anything. If you focus on sorting out the kids, jsut a day at a time, before you know it, hubby willl be home. I wish you luck, and will be thinking of you. There is always someone around on here, I have had some great advice, you are not alone!
Take care and try and rest as much as possible, do the bare minimum of housework etc, when you're feeling seedy it's the last thing u need.
Speak to you soon, let us know how u get on.

Jen and 13mth Harvey

Hi shelley
Wish that I could give you a big hug as it sounds like you need one! All of us have our off days and it is on those days that just about everything seems to get us upset or annoyed no matter how small it is.
But keep your head up and smile as you sound like a very strong person - not everyone can look after 2 young children on their own while hubby works away. I admire you and other woman who can do that.
Have you tried playgroup? or ph 1800171882 and they can help you find one in your local area - just for you to get out of the house and talk to other mums about anything.
Have you tried talking to your mil about how things are going for you? Maybe she just doesn't realise or is waiting for you to ask her?
At times when bubby is annoying you just think of all the things that make them laugh or the crazy things they do and take a few deep breathes give them a kiss and move on sounds silly but it works for me.
I hope you can knock that cold of yours on the head too i'm sure it doesn't help much either. Try to get away with as little as possible and think there is plenty of people here that are up for a chat and laugh.
Let us know how you are going and remember mums can do anything!
Best of luck

Rachel, QLD mum of Zaki 21 months

I'm sorry you are having such a bad day. I can fully understand. My partner works a lot of weird hours so sometimes it does feel like you're doing it alone. And yeah, while there are people you can call, you never really seem to need them during the day, only late at night when it's too late to ring anyone for help cause you feel guilty for waking them up. I can't imagine what it's like going through all the newborn stuff with a 2 year old as well. Unfortunately, parenting comes with bad days (sometimes more bad than good), and it's even worse when you're not feeling up to scratch yourself. And I understand the whole not seeing an adult for days, you feel like you're talking to babies all the time, and frankly, you and I both know they aren't real great at holding a decent conversation.
Where abouts in Qld are you? If you ever want to chat, or just have a whinge, you can e-mail me at [email protected] Hope tomorrows a better day for you, and hope your cold goes away. Take care,

Sam and Hayley and bub

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