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Hi everyone, Does everyone get the same comments I do. When I am down the street it wouldn't be unusual for me to get half a dozen comments about the age gaps between my girls. Like "gee you didn't waste any time" or "3 girls, youv'e got your hands full!"etc etc. When I got married everyone wanted to know when we would have kids. Then after our first child they wanted to know when the next one was on the way. When it was obvious that the next was on the way they would say "there's not much of an age gap!" And then people expect you to stop at 2, when you are prego with number 3 they say what are you, a glutton for punishment!! I know that most of it is harmless chit chat, but when you are hearing the same comments so many times in the same day it gets annoying, I just smile and keep walking but am thinking couldn't you come up with something original!
The reality is babies, prams, children, they all draw attention when you go out in public. Even I chat up other ladies with twins - they probably think I ask or say the same boring thing that other people say. But there is only so much you can say to a complete stranger. Quite often they are just impulse responses. I'd be more worried if they thought long and hard about what they were going to say - that would mean they've been watching you for longer!

I look after 6 children. I have got my hands full. I am a glutton for punishment. I am not in denial that it is all hard work! Most people I meet imply that I am amazing for coping and dealing with all of these children. I laugh inside when strangers just think I have the twins - and don't know that I have four others at school. Life would be sooooo easy if it were just the twins!

If you are hearing all of this all too often - maybe you should not make so much eye contact with people. I think it is nice that people can acknowledge you when you are with your kids. For too often we have our blinkers on, don't trust that other person, and just keep to ourselves. Maybe try and wheel the pram around a university and see if you get a different type of response! I would be interested to know if there is a difference! : )


People are always going to comment aren't they. We just did things backwards to keep friends on their toes wink

We kept getting asked when we were getting married so people were surprised when we said we were pregnant (so were we at first). Then everyone was still waiting for the marriage and we came out with the news I was pregnant (again) when Ryan was 6mths old. Then everyone was waiting for the next baby so when Jayden was 5mths old and I sent an email to friends announcing 'You'll never guess what' (in the title)they thought they were on the ball with a third pregnancy ... but NOPE we had eloped instead tongue

I think people say things though sometimes to start conversation. WHen I am pushing the pram around the shops with my two littlies in it people want to stop and look at them and talk to them (everyone loves a baby don't they smile ) so I think they just figure a good icebreaker to start conversation is 'Gee you must be busy!', 'You must have your hands full.' etc etc


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

something along the same line, but a little different.
I hate it when you're pregnant and suddenly everyone becomes a fortune teller.
"Oh you're definately having a girl because you're too round to be having a boy!" or "You're not going to last 40 weeks, you'll go early!!"

Sam and Hayley and bub

i have almost the same problem i have a 10 year age gap between my two boys and i dont think i have left the house without someone asking about the age gap


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